ON September 9, it was World Suicide Prevention Day and County Durham's hard rock quartet, Edenthorn, released their latest single to coincide with it, After the Storm taking awareness to a whole new level.

A remix from a track on the band’s debut album, Maze, released in November 2015, After the Storm was written following the suicide of the cousin of brothers’ Kyle (lead vocals) and Mark (drums) Tague who, along with Faiba Gabrielle (vocals and bass) and Dylan Gardner (guitar), make up Edenthorn.

The Tague’s aren’t the only siblings in this unique band either with Dylan and Faiba being brother and sister for added measure with the track taking on added significance due to its timing, and the recent losses of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington affecting many across the globe.

Lead singer, Kyle, said: “Family means a lot to us and we were all affected by Christian’s (Kyle and Mark’s cousin) suicide.

“We have been toying with the idea of releasing ‘After the Storm’ as a charity single for a while but never had the facilities of platform to do so, but now, with our management signing, we have been offered the support and guidance that we needed. “

With the family bleeding through the music they produce you can feel the strength, the unique blends they create, in their rock riffs and stunning harmonies, a trait which will take them far in the industry and, with TMR Band Management pulling the chords, who knows where they’ll end up.

Guitarist Dylan added: “When we decided to release the song I immediately started work on the remixed version.

“The original was recorded and released back in 2015 so I felt like it needed brought up-to-date a bit.

“Plus, with us releasing it for such a massive cause (proceeds from sales will go to Mental Health charities), I wanted to make sure it was perfect before its official release.”

After the Storm was released alongside an accompanying, thought-provoking, music video, on September 10 which includes images of those who’ve taken their lives and were sent to Edenthorn for usage from followers both here in the UK, and across the Atlantic in the USA.

“We reached out on our social media pages and asked our fans to send us pictures of their loved ones and we were inundated,” continued Kyle.

“These pictures are included in the video as a tribute to all those lost to suicide, the single released just in time for World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, which is the perfect time to raise awareness.”

The track, which last over five-and-a-half minutes includes lyrics in order to ascertain a greater understanding of what the band have set out to accomplish.

Bassist Faiba said of this: “The aim of the video is to not only create a lasting legacy for those who have taken their own life, but to also make people aware that suicide isn’t restricted to a certain age or type, we have photographs from men and women as young as 12 and as old as 70.”

Whilst drummer Mark said: “What we really need is for people to share this video and get it out there.

“If it can help only one person that is dealing with a mental illness, or even considering suicide, then it was worth it.”

  • The charities which are benefiting from the production and release of After the Storm and accompanying T-shirt (available in varying guises, black or white, at £19.95 from www.edenthorn.com) will be Samaritans, Rethink Mental Illness, If U Care Share Foundation and USA-based You Matter To Me (UMTR2ME) and The You Rock Foundation.