TEESSIDE singer/songwriter Rojor releases his new album Fatally Beautiful worldwide on September 2. The 11-track album features singles Everytime I See Her and Planet Ride, both of which picked up nationwide airplay earlier in the year on the UK’s most listened to station, BBC Radio 2.

Lovingly crafted the new album takes a distinct electronic direction and is an eclectic mix of pop, dance and rock, underpinned by Rojor’s intelligent songwriting. The new long player takes listeners on a journey from radio hit Planet Ride through the social conscience of Politics of Greed to the dance groove of U Still Need Me, which has an almost 1980s vibe reminiscent of New Order at their peak. The album opens with the crashing indie guitars of Lightning in a Bottle before moving into the catchy pop of Everytime I See Her – the album certainly challenges the listener at every turn. Distant Sun has the feel of Gary Newman’s Tubeway Army’ pulsing its way into your brain. The title track is a look at our finite mortality and Rojor’s confident, melodic vocal delivery has a touch of North-East Prefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon about it. The album draws to a close with the song Waiting Here for U, with an unexpectedly beautiful piano motif in a down-tempo soundscape.

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* Rojor videos are on YouTube and loads more at rojor.com

Viv Hardwick