AS if Roxy turning up wasn't enough of a surprise in EastEnders (BBC1), this week Ronnie encounters another prodigal Mitchell – Peggy. Together, they go to Peggy's appointment with the doctor, only to learn that her cancer has spread and she doesn't have much time left.

Phil is shocked to hear his mum's news, especially when she announces that she's decided to stop her treatment. He's so upset that even Sharon offers her support – and comes up with an idea that could remind Peggy how much she still has to live for. But his plans are pushed to one side when Peggy opts for a trip down memory lane instead.

Elsewhere, Mick and Johnny despair when they discover just how Buster and Lee have been raising the money for the campaign to stop the CostMart sale. However, when the landlord and his son try to undo the damage their relatives have caused, they are spotted by Belinda. She's surprisingly understanding and even invites Mick and Linda over for dinner, but the evening takes an unexpected turn... Sonia puts on a brave face ahead of her hospital appointment, and Bex and Louise both take a shine to Shakil.

The day of Tony's funeral dawns in Coronation Street (ITV) and Jason is adamant his mother shouldn't attend. She turns up anyway during his heartfelt eulogy, a matter that causes further tension between the pair. Phelan uses the rift as a way to wheedle his way even further into the Grimshaw family's affections, and naive Jason even accepts Phelan's offer to dispose of Tony's property on his behalf. Roy returns home to find a drunken Alex and his friends have trashed the flat. Distraught, he orders the lad and Cathy to move out, but after Carla calms him down, he asks them to stay and tries to come up with a way to bond with Alex. Sarah becomes increasingly terrified of entering the annexe at Gail's house, while Johnny provides Jenny with a shoulder to cry on after Sally and the factory girls are mean to her. Plus, Nick announces that due to his brain injury, he can't get married.

Holly spots a chance to impress Cain by finding out about Belle's new boyfriend in Emmerdale (ITv), and reports back that the teenager is seeing a married man. Unfortunately, Cain jumps to the conclusion that Rakesh is the cad in question, and kidnaps him...

Meanwhile, the villagers gather together to say their goodbyes to Edna, but it all proves too much for grieving Sandy. Robert and Liv find some common ground when he offers to talk to Aaron on her behalf after her brother forbids her attending Gordon's sentencing. However, their bonding is cut short when Gordon mentions the letter he wrote to his son, and the police arrive with some shocking news. Finn is sceptical when Pete tells him about Emma's illness and insists on coming with her to her doctor's appointment, while Ashley's positive example helps David to deal with his own health problems. Rhona is uneasy when Carly takes a shine to Pierce, Nicola and Jimmy try to matchmake for Jai, and Charity offers to buy Diane's half of the pub – much to Chas's dismay.