Corky Laing Plays Mountain, The Think Tank, Newcastle

THE Weekend World TV theme tune once saw me tracking down the full, unedited glory of a band called Mountain and Nantucket's Sleighride the epic song.

Mountain, America`s answer to the Eric Clapton-fronted Cream, delivered a thunderous, bass heavy blues-infused rock making their big debut at the legendary Woodstock Festival. There was the imposing Leslie West on foghorn vocals and stunning guitar, Felix Pappalardi on bass and the madcap Birmingham-born, Canadian-bred Corky Laing on drums.

With Pappalardi dead the 1980s and West no longer able to tour, Corky Laing put together a band to celebrate the music of Mountain and hit the road. With his drum kit unusually positioned to the front of the stage and joined by guitarist Phil Baker and bassist Joe Venti, Laing spent the best part of an hour-and-a-half running through a choice selection from Mountain`s back catalogue with the groove heavy Never In My Life and Don't Look Around showing why Mountain were such an influence on the burgeoning rock scene in the early 1970s.

Laing was also the master raconteur, telling stories of life on the road and managing a mashed up rap during his centre piece drum solo romp through Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone.

He also delivered a fitting tribute to his old friend Jack Bruce with a superb take on the West Bruce and Laing classic Doctor and a mini Cream medley featuring Politician and Sunshine of Your Love.

Mick Burgess