Propelled to stardom by song of the summer contender Am I Wrong, Norwegian duo Kahouly Nicolay 'Nico' Sereba and Vincent 'Vinz' Dery are seeking to build upon the success of their global smash with this strong collection of similarly upbeat numbers. The album's relentless cheer and straight-faced motivational messages could easily be dismissed as cheesy or old hat, but - maybe it's just the fact that we're all seriously bereft of vitamin D right now, but it's honestly refreshing to have some sunny optimism lighting up the charts. Not every track manages to avoid coming across a little too treacly or earnest, but the likes of the Stargate-helmed Imagine and easygoing rhythms of In Your Arms are just as catchy and enjoyable as their best-known hit.

Rating: 7/10

Review by Simon Harker