A LITTLE bit of comedy on a Saturday afternoon does you the world of good, especially when it’s free. Funny Way To Be comedy organiser, Peter Dixon, was at The Witham’s open day on Saturday to provide a free taste of what he’s got in store for his autumn comedy shows.

Geordie joker and ex wrestler, Lee Kyle, faced his afternoon family audience with a huge grin and a colourful Hawaiian shirt. He soon had everyone on their feet including the young children in a sketch about cats and dogs. One unsuspecting, but very sporting, audience member was soon on his hands and knees barking like a dog, and if that wasn’t enough the poor man ended up giving us an ad hoc ballet performance, which wasn’t half bad.

Kyle’s style is warm and chatty; his ideas border on the sublimely ridiculous, like playing Bohemian Rhapsody on his teeth, and playing to such a wide age range didn’t seem to phase him at all. He even managed to keep his language clean - quite an achievement for a comedian these days.

When I spoke to him later he sited his favourite comedian of all time as Rod Hull, which explains a lot.

Jiva, a talented acoustic duo from the region, played their emotive music in the public area overlooking the Witham’s popular cafe, ‘The Dispensary’.

The Witham’s Open Day was full of things to try, like Tia Chi, knitting, theatre activities, photography exhibition, pottery and home-made foods. The New Chairman, Allison Agius, was clearly enjoying her day, “I’m really proud to be the chair of such an eclectic venue, that’s aiming to be the heart of Teesdale,” she explained in between chatting to members of the public.

For events at The Witham visit: thewitham.org.uk and funnywaytobe.com