Ray Mears: Wilderness Walks (ITV, 7.30pm)

AFTER 20 years of appearing on TV to enthuse about going wild in the country, Ray Mears is returning to his roots and bringing the cameras backs to the rugged terrain of Dartmoor.

“I have explored some of the wildest places on earth – but my favourite is still Britain.” he says.`

This six-part series will follow the bushcraft expert as he journeys through some of Britain's most spectacular and diverse landscapes.

In Wilderness Walks viewers can follow a trail of discovery along rivers, through forests and across mountains as Mears searches for some of our greatest natural treasures. This force of nature also travels from dawn to dusk to explore each unique habitat and the incredible wildlife that exists there.

So tonight, it’s the granite peaks and mysterious oak forests of Dartmoor, searching for the country’s largest ground beetle and the elusive wood warbler. He also visits High Willhays, the highest point in the National Park, and explains its rugged appeal. “Today the view is spectacular. I love coming here – there’s a tremendous sense of expansiveness – there’s always a wind and it’s challenging – I like that,” says Mears.

His walks on the wild side started back in 1994 on the BBC programme Tracks. We’ve seen plenty more survival specialists cashing in on their niche skills, but Mears is still the one they all look up to.

Hot Tub Britain (ITV, 9pm)

IN SPITE of the noise (we're talking engines here) and complaints of loud music, one household in ten now possess a hot tub and it's a pretty lucrative business. This is good news for Dennis Holmes, his son Dan Holmes and son-in-law Ross Phillipson, who run the country's biggest hot-tub superstore. They turn over an impressive £10m or more annually, and by the time ITV's cameras catch up with them, their busiest season is in full swing. Customers come from all walks of life, from millionaire professional football players (and, of course, footballers' wives) to impoverished cleaners. Basic models start at around £4,000 up to luxury £20,000 behemoths, which feature all mod cons including build-in speakers, lights and complex arrays of bubble-spouting jets.

The picture painted by Jacuzzi installers and enthusiasts alike is a decadent one. The idea of transforming one's garden into a space in which one can enjoy a long, warm, soak outdoors come rain or shine, day or night, is tempting to say the least, particularly with Britain’s ageing population looking for spa-style treatments for arthritis.

Dennis and his workforce also face – ahem – bubbling resentment, which comes to the fore as old issues and new rivalries alike rear their head.

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish (Dave, 10pm)

COMEDIAN Dave Gorman created a massive hit with the freshman series of this Powerpoint-based show, in which he points out his observations and frustrations with everyday life.

Perhaps he's so likeable in this programme though because, actually, he's got a point - everything he says, we find ourselves nodding along with in agreement - and that will be the case tonight, as this second series kicks off.

Tonight he begins by getting involved in shredding naughty magazines. He's also helping a gerbil fulfil its destiny, and is surprised by the pictures that develop from an old-fashioned camera he's found.