PLANS for a new waste incinerator including a 100ft tall chimney stack have been met with opposition from residents.

If accepted, a small-scale specialist hazardous clinical and medical waste incineration plant will be built on land adjacent to Hitachi Rail’s factory at Aycliffe Business Park.

More than 100 people have commented on the plans via the county council website.

Here's what the Newton Aycliffe residents had to say

Michelle, of Atkinson Gardens: "I live in Aycliffe Village close-by to the proposed development. It is with some surprise that the proposal is even entertained at the above location, with the expected level of noise and disturbance 24hrs a day expected to the surrounding area. On top of this, the expected increased traffic generation and disruption with increased highway safety issues to the surrounding area including the impact on the University Technical College students of South Durham on the adjoining road.

"It's bad enough now in the morning and evening combined with traffic from the Municipal Waste Facility but it will be extremely dangerous with Hazardous waste traffic included. What is most extremely concerning however will be the fallout of harmful toxic pollutants & smell from the Hazardous Waste from the 100ft Chimney to the surrounding area especially in specific atmospheric weather conditions which even this chimney will not be able to clear and will effect Heighington, School Aycliffe, Aycliffe village and parts of Newton Aycliffe."

Lesley, of Hawthorn Drive: "I strongly object to the proposal due to the following, proximity to local residential properties, the perceived loss of property value hazardous materials/ground contamination, smells, loss of trees, nature conservation."

Mike, of Cherrytree Drive: "I am writing to express my objection to the proposed hazardous waste facility at Millennium Way, Newton Aycliffe. Our property is less than one mile from the proposed facility and yet we have not been officially made aware of its existence. I can only assume this is because we are actually residents of Darlington Borough Council. However I would have thought domestic properties that are so close to such a potentially significant and detrimental facility would still have been notified, regardless of the council area in which we reside.

"Indeed some properties on the estate (Chestnuts, School Aycliffe) will only be several hundred metres from the proposed facility. For residents to have only found out by virtue of a local campaign, rather than through official channels is quite appalling."

Emma, Magnolia Close: I live on Magnolia Close in The Chestnuts estate and along with many other residents I am shocked and disgusted that whilst residing only 800m or so away from the proposed site we were at no time notified of these plans, despite Fornax claiming to have contacted people within an 1000m radius.

"This lack of consultation means people have had little time to carry out their own research and feels like an underhand way for the company to limit the quantity of objections received. The area they did target during the consultation period is in no way reflective of local residents as it solely consisted of local businesses. How is that representative of the immediate surrounding area which includes School Aycliffe, Aycliffe Village, Heighington and the more remote, but closer, farm houses."

Susan, Aspen Grove: "I would like my objections to it be recorded and logged. Having only recently been informed of this planning application I find it unacceptable that a hazardous waste incinerator of this size and type can be processed without any consultation with the people who live and work in the close proximity to where it is proposed to be sited.

"I live within 800 metres of the proposed site and I am concerned with regard to smells, due to chemicals being released, ground contamination, water contamination, increased traffic and general environmental risks. Within the planning documents themselves there are indications that there will be unhealthy emissions and noise. We already have industrial units emitting noise and smells, near residential areas, we do not want any more."

Geoffrey, Oaklea Mews: "Aycliffe Village is less than a mile away, downwind of prevailing westerlies, and smells will be inevitable. The proposal would be a visual eyesore, with the chimney visible from the village, whose history goes back to Saxon times. Newton Aycliffe and the business park only began life after WW2 The increase in traffic will have a massive impact on the village and its narrow roads. Chemicals quoted as potentially coming from the chimney will impact the community. There will be water and ground contamination."