JOBSEEKERS across the North-East are set to gain new skills to get them into employment.

Training provider Amacus will deliver essential enterprise and employability training to about 25 people every week, providing businesses with access to a pool of newly qualified entry-level workers who are ready for employment.

Amacus, based in Hartlepool, previously launched its Leapfrog programme, and Jobcentre Plus has picked out 700 people across south Durham it wants to put forward for training.

Learners will receive 32-hours of support over two weeks, studying three hours every day during the week, gaining basic literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

Christine Hall, Amacus managing director, said: “We have already successfully launched the programme in Hartlepool and we are delighted with how it has been received.

“The programme provides an ideal route for local businesses to find work-ready talent, already equipped with the skills, knowledge and behaviour they expect from their staff.”

Ted Wilson, from Jobcentre Plus, said: “In the current economy, it’s an employer’s market and jobseekers need to be equipped with a wide range of skills.

“This course encourages jobseekers to be more confident have increased self esteem and increased belief in themselves.”