A TECHNOLOGY firm is targeting greater international penetration after gamblers’ enduring appetite for a flutter nudged its finances higher.

Zytronic has pledged to ramp up sales operations across the US and Far East following a strong year.

The business is known for touchscreen equipment used every day by people to access cashpoints, ticket booths and soft drinks machines.

However, it is also adept in the gaming sector, with its largescreen units a stage for bingo stations and roulette tables, and officials have revealed the market provided significant growth thrust over the last 12 months.

Unveiling annual results for the period to September 30 today (Tuesday, December 12), which showed group trading profit increased from £4.3m to £5.4m, chairman Tudor Davies confirmed gaming is now Zytronic’s top revenue market, with unit sales and revenue increasing from 13,000 to 20,000 and £5.9m to £7.7m, respectively.

To build on that momentum, he confirmed the company, based in Blaydon, near Gateshead, will look to strengthen its international standing.

He said: “The current year has started with orders, revenues and trading along similar levels to that of the prior year.

“For the first time, financial was not our top revenue-generating touch application market, with gaming taking the top spot, which continued to show considerable strength and growth.

“The focus on growth this year will be from expansion in local sales representation in the US and Far East.”

Zytronic’s successes have come after it moved away from non-touch glass displays to next generation screens, with the latter helping it gain real traction in the gaming sector.

A deal to supply equipment for Spain’s multi-player Wingo Bingo Station was complemented by development of large roulette tables across Bulgarian, French and Irish casinos.

However, history fans’ clamour for information has also maintained its expansion, with Zytronic’s technology previously chosen for use in Poland’s Pan Tadeusz museum.