A TRANSPORT company has spent £150,000 on warehousing to meet growing customer demand.

Nicholson’s Transport has refurbished a 55,000sq ft base with new internal walls and racking, additional pallet areas and improved loading bays.

The operator, based in Billingham, near Stockton, says the move has helped improve processes by segregating work away from its round-the-clock delivery arm.

Bosses added the refurbishment will also allow the firm to expand pick and pack services at a sister 15,000sq ft warehouse in Eaglescliffe, also near Stockton.

David Nicholson, managing director, said: “We have purposefully re-designed and refurbished our main warehouse in response to customer expectations.

“We are increasingly servicing larger customers with specific storage requirements, so it made sense to separate these areas away from our pallet hub.”

He added a proportion of the re-designed warehouse has been given over to Nicholson’s Burnside Wood Pellets venture, which launched earlier this year to supply pellets for wood-burning stoves and biomass boilers.