A LAST-MINUTE request to a broadcast equipment manufacturer ensured the world was kept up to date with events at the G20 Summit.

Canford Audio, which employs more than 100 people at its headquarters in Crowther Road, Washington, Wearside, had only four weeks to design and supply the complete audio and video cabling infrastructure for the G20 media centre, at the Excel Arena, in London’s Docklands last week.

Canford, which specialises in designing everything from complex high-definition cables to simple connectors, was able to complete the work at short notice with the help of cable manufacturing company Draka, also based in Washington.

It meant sound and pictures from the event could be transmitted around the world.

The order came after media facilities contractor Feltech Electronics, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, contacted Canford Audio.

The firm required a special cable that other industrial suppliers were not able to make in the time available.

Canford director of product development, Iain Elliott, worked with a team from long-time partner cable company Draka, and in less than four weeks the cable was designed, assembled, jacketed and printed with Feltech’s web address.

It would usually take up to eight weeks for a similar order, equivalent to about 88km of cable, to be completed.

Canford’s chief executive Charles Kennedy said: “Although we now have years of experience in supplying products for high-profile organisations and events, there is still a flutter of anxiety as the sound and pictures of the event unfold.

“As ever, our bit worked flawlessly, thanks to the care and attention to detail of the respective teams here in Washington.

“Of course, an unexpected additional £55,000 of turnover in the current climate also helps with stress relief.”

Last year’s turnover for the Canford Group was more than £18m and in January it announced operating profits of £701,648.