AN environment group believes businesses should look at simple ways to be more green, rather than introducing only high-profile measures.

Sustainable business expert Envirowise is urging directors to consider the basics of reducing environmental impact, as well as building a proenvironmental image.

The group says many companies are attracted by the visible end of green business, for example, switching car fleets to hybrid or low-carbon vehicles or offsetting carbon emissions.

It believes some companies don’t realise that simple low and no-cost measures could have an equally effective impact on environmental performance and profitability and should not be ignored.

Envirowise marketing director Mary Leonard said: “While making green statements is commendable, too many companies are ignoring the basics and forming their environmental policies on ‘greenspin’ – initiatives that will make them look good publicly but, in isolation, won’t help the company achieve the greatest possible impact on their day-to-day green performance.

“By simply reviewing how the use of resources can be reduced, and where waste can be reused and recycled, both financial and environmental benefits can be achieved.”

Envirowise has a number of free initiatives, toolkits and guides to help businesses improve environmental performance and resource efficiency.

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