A PETITE woman was so fed up of struggling to find clothes to fit her, she has set up her own on-line fashion store.

Faye Clements, 24, who is 5ft, decided to set up her Shortbred business from her home in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, after being made redundant last year.

This weekend, her on-line store will officially open for business, offering her own range of humorous T-shirts that celebrate and poke fun at the petite frame.

But she hopes to expand to other clothing lines for women under 5ft 3in and eventually get them into department stores.

Miss Clements said: "It was always a nightmare going shopping, there was never much about for petite women and quite often the clothes in shops with petite sections were quite boring.

"I have had the idea for the business for a while and even had the name, but I didn't pursue it until I was made redundent last June and decided to do my own thing.

"The slogans I came up with are a mixture of old cliches such as titch' and I wish my legs were longer', and my own design ideas using the Shortbred name, which I hope will become a respected and recognised name in its own right."

Miss Clements was able to set up her business with the help of funding from Hambleton District Council.

Her T-shirts will be available from Saturday. Visit shortbred.co.uk for details.