THE AA has moved its salvage management requirements to Darlington-based firm e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management.

The insurance services company also plans to access e2e’s stock of over 5million quality graded, warranty assured reclaimed parts for motor claim repairs where customers request their use.

The e2e network, which has its head office off Lingfield Way, will handle the collection, re-sale, dismantling, recycling, destruction and disposal of total loss vehicles on behalf of The AA.

In addition to bringing increased efficiency and cost savings to salvage management and delivering strong salvage re-sale values; e2e will also help to reduce recovery and storage charges for the insurance services provider with its proven negotiation service.

Opportunities to realise additional commercial value for The AA from its salvage will also be explored.

Mia Constable, head of business development at e2e said: “We are delighted and proud to welcome The AA as a new and valued partner.

"There is a strong cultural fit between our two organisations being of similar scale, customer driven and committed to investment in innovation and technology to drive efficiency.

"The AA is a powerful household brand which must be accurately represented and protected.

"Our network will ensure they reflect The AA brand promise in caring for the customer and the environment.

"The company can also rely on e2e to protect their brand by ensuring total loss vehicles that are categorised as unsafe to return to the road are destroyed in-house and certificates of destruction provided."