A NORTH-EAST serial innovator has developed new world-leading software as it continues to transform the traditional construction sector.

Twinview is revolutionising the way building information is stored, taking data traditionally held as a hard copy into a digital platform, which can be updated in real time.

The construction software, pioneered by digital disruptors Space Group, sees the creation of cloud-based, 3D twins – digital replicas of physical buildings – to enable greater levels of data to be collated, which can be accessed and updated more easily.

Twinview, which has been in development for five years, enables property businesses to solve one of the main issues identified through the Grenfell Tower disaster, in which no ‘golden thread’ of information was available about the building, leading to a lack of accountability or traceable responsibility.

It will also enable compliance with the Building Safety Bill – currently being scrutinised by Parliament and set to become law in the coming months – which is likely to require a digital version of all residential buildings of over 18 metres in height.

Twinview marks the latest success in sector-leading innovation from Space Group and its associated companies, based in Newcastle, following its early adoption of the then-conceptual Building In-formation Modelling (BIM) and the creation of its breakthrough Bimstore ten years ago.

“We first realised the need for this five years ago and began developing it. While there are other twin platforms around, the fact we started working on it so early means we are way ahead of the competition,” said Rob Charlton, CEO of Twinview.

“Although we were developing Twinview way before the Grenfell Tower tragedy, or the Building Safety Bill which was introduced as a result of that and is set to be one of the biggest recent introductions into the construction sector, our software provides a solution to the very issues raised.

“We have already secured some major clients for Twinview, but in the way that we were years ahead of widespread adoption with BIM and Bimstore, we are working with the early adopters to help it become mainstream.

“Again, the North-East is showing that we’re at the forefront of digital innovation, particularly in the construction centre, and with the work that is happening here in the region, we will continue to lead on an International scale.”

Twinview was launched with legal support from Sintons, with managing partner Christopher Welch, the long-standing advisor to Space Group and Twinview, and tech specialist senior associate Lucy Carlin, completing work including a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement.

“Space Group is known as a serial innovator in construction software on an international scale. Their work in BIM was years ahead of mainstream adoption, and through the creation of Twinview, they are following a similar pattern,” said Lucy.

"Through having the foresight to identify major issues in data keeping for buildings, Rob and his team are now able to support construction businesses globally with this much-needed software. We’re very pleased to have been able to support Space Group again with its world-leading innovation.”