PLANS have been submitted to transform an old quarry into a thriving retail development.

An application has been submitted to Durham County Council proposing a mixed use commercial development on land at Aycliffe Quarry, in Newton Aycliffe.

If granted, the proposal would see the site at Church Quarry showcase a variety of commercial buildings.

Since quarrying ceased in the 90s, the site has

been restored and is used for a combination of sheep grazing and a site compound.

The planning application was submitted by George F. White on behalf of Stonegrave Aggregates.

It reads: “As set out in the supporting planning statement, the scheme is for a mix of employment uses, hotel and food outlets.

“With all matters being reserved, the indicative layout plan has been prepared to demonstrate how such a

development could come forward whilst satisfactorily addressing technical and design considerations.

“The ultimate type, design and scale of

buildings will be dictated by market demand. Early enquiries have already shown interest form a variety of users.

“However, the indicative layout shows how the development principles can be applied in order to accommodate a mixture of building types.”

The site is surrounded by Aycliffe Business Park, which wraps around the north, west and south.

Despite the opportunity to boost employment nearby residents have expressed concern.

One comment on the proposal reads: “I would like to express my concerns over this matter, permission should not be granted. Aycliffe Village already suffers from horrendous traffic problems, not just quantity but noise, fumes, excess speed and the general pollution in both air and dust borne particles. This further development is going to make this worse. I strongly object to this proposal on both comfort and health grounds, my wide is a long term Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma sufferer and many in St Andrews Close suffer similar health problems.”

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