A NORTH-East PR agency will no longer be office-based following the lockdown.

Darlington-based company Harvey & Hugo has decided to leave its base in Business Central in favour of staff working from home.

Managing director Charlotte Nichols said the decision would protect the health of workers and the lack of commute would improve their work-life balance.

She added: “I am worried that there will be a second wave and I don’t want the burden of having an office that we can’t use over winter. I want to be as financially agile going into an uncertain future, putting people before premises and prioritising The Pack’s health and safety.

“We’ve also found that we’re so much more productive working from home; as a very sociable group, we would find ourselves distracted in the office. This way, the team can get more done in less time, meaning they have more free time to do the things they love – which is so important after the upheaval of the past few months.”

The company was the first tenant at Business Central, where it has been based since May 2015.

Ms Nichols said: “I feel real mixed emotions about splitting up, but I’m also excited about this decision and embracing a new way of working."

“We’re still working collaboratively and having fun using technology, such as video calling and social media, to keep in touch with our clients and each other."