A COUNTY Durham tech firm has changed its branding after experiencing communication issues around a product originally launched in America.

NETPark-based Kunasan, in Sedgefield, originally called its flagship product Frequen-ZZZ but has rebranded the product Nightingale for British audiences.

Nightingale works by emitting delta frequencies as a person sleeps, improving quality of the rest.

As well as the differences in pronunciation of the letter Z, the new name also reflects the products restorative capabilities and gentle light at the side of a user's bed – like the candle Florence Nightingale would hold by patients in the war.

The firm's strategist Paul Lanzarotti, who had chronic knee pain before using the device at night, said: "We wanted something that would reflect the product more and resonate with UK audiences.

"Obviously Nighingale wouldn't have the same impact on Americans either."

The firm says delta waves put the body into a restorative mode so while sleep improves, the body heels too.

Mr Lanzarotti, who lived in US for a decade and was keen to work with Kunasan founder Paul Mawson after seen Nightingale in action, added: "What Paul has created here is really incredible. I had chronic knee pain that would wake me up, it would swell in the night. Now it's gone, and it hasn't come back."