THE owner of a burger van has been inspired by the internet to make his own chocolate scotch eggs for customers during Easter.

Kelvin Anderson, from Bishop Auckland, has owned his Papa Kel’s business for four years.

The 39-year-old began selling the Easter treats after his wife, Zoe Nielsen-Anderson, took inspiration from other creations on the internet.

She started recreating the Easter themed goods, adding her own twists along the way, filling eggs with brownie pieces and giving customers the chance to choose their own fillings and toppings.

The chocolate scotch egg is a popular choice at the van, a recipe which takes a different approach to a savoury favourite.

The treats were popular last year and the van sold out, even taking pre-orders to ensure customers didn't miss out.

Mr Anderson said: “We saw the ideas on social networks like Instagram, so my wife decided to try them out.

"We’re always selling out fast, and it can get really busy through Easter.

"When I pass my food over to the customer, it’s pleasing to see how much people enjoy what we make.

“Seeing people appreciate what our van has to offer makes me happy. It’s really worthwhile."

Mrs Nielsen-Anderson enjoys baking for the van, and with a helping hand from her husband the couple often work together on the treats.

He added: "If I had to describe the chocolate scotch egg, I'd say it is an affordable ball of indulgence.

"We even do half Easter eggs with all sorts of different fillings."

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