A DIGITAL walking tour has been launched with the aim of helping people see a North-East city in a new light.

Using 360 degree panoramas, 3D models, quizzes and treasure hunts, the walking tour of Durham is aimed at giving people a different perspective on the city.

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Creator Richard Fletcher, who launched a business using the technology earlier this year, said: "Despite Durham having fantastic heritage, thousands of visitors and strong local interest, we don't have anything else like this which I thought was strange.

"I've walked around many a time and seen families using leaflets and paper based quizzes.

"I thought digitally you can do a lot more and can bring a lot more content and make it more interesting."

The 37-year-old, from Newton Hall, Durham, set up ExplorAR in January, specialises in creating apps and web content such as 360 virtual tours, 3D models and touchscreen content, with an emphasis on visitor attractions and heritage.

The digital 3D models are created using upwards of 900 images to make an accurate representation, while each 360 degree panorama needs more than 50 photographs.

The tour provides a new insight into historic locations such as Palace Green, Old Shire Hall, and Durham Marketplace.

Mr Fletcher added: "I've tried to build it so you can use it even if you're not in Durham city centre but the quizzes are location based so you have to be there to do them. I hope it's something that's appealing and something that can be promoted to people who are thinking of visiting."

He added: “The walking tour not only gives tourists a guide to our city’s key locations, but it also offers something new to locals who are already familiar with Durham’s sights. We hope it can turn a walk around the city into a free day of family fun.

The former journalist taught himself coding and the skills to create the tour.

He said: "I love the fact that with digital if you can imagine it, you can build it. And if you can code, you can do it for yourself."

He added: "This is the first one I've done but I'm hoping it will be the first of many."

The Durham walking tour is web-based and can be accessed by visiting ExplorAR.co.uk.