DOG owners are being invited to attend free community events in Darlington, being held jointly by Dogs Trust and Darlington Borough Council.

Event details:

  • Wednesday, October 30, at South Park Education Building, DL1 5TG
  • Wednesday, November 27, at Firthmoor Community, Burnside Road, DL1 4SU

Both events will be held between 11.00am - 3.00pm and will provide dog owners with lots of practical information and tools to ensure they are practising responsible dog ownership. 

Dog owners attending will be offered free basic health checks, including nail clipping; advice on diet and neutering; a free responsible dog-ownership pack, which includes handy tips and resources to use at home; and free goodie packs for anyone thinking about getting a puppy. Also available on the day is free on-the-spot microchipping for dogs that aren’t yet chipped. A free ‘check your chip’ service will also be available, with advice about how to update the registered details.

The Northern Echo:

All breeds of dogs are welcome at the community events, whether a pup or an adult, however Dogs Trust will not chip active hunting hounds or litters of puppies. Dogs Trust also ask that puppies under six months old are fully vaccinated and proof of vaccinations are brought along to the event. If your puppy has recently been vaccinated, they must be carried for the 10 days following their final vaccination. Dogs over six months old do not require proof of vaccination.

Denise Kelly, Dogs Trust’s Campaigns Manager in the North of England, said: “We are very grateful to be co-hosting community events with Darlington Borough Council. These events are always a hit with all dog owners who attend, as they enjoy learning about the best ways to care for their family pets.

“We plan on holding more community events across the North of England that offer informative advice to dog owners and potential dog owners alike on the fundamentals of owning a dog. This will include the importance of neutering your pet, helping your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle, the cost and time involved in owning a dog, and resources on dog training and behaviour; as well as the legal requirement around having your dog microchipped.”

The Northern Echo:

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Darlington has an amazing selection of shapes, sizes, ages and breeds; all looking for a wide variety of homes.  For more information about the dogs in their care, please contact the Centre on 01325 333114, visit or email