BISHOP Auckland couple, Susan and Philip Clarkson, have been speaking about how sharing the same healthy foods has enabled them to lose a combined weight of seven stone, without ever feeling hungry, and how that has left the whole family feeling healthier and happier than ever before!

Having returned from a family holiday, looking through the photographs came as a real eye-opener, and inspired them to join their local Slimming World group in West Auckland, run by Rochelle Holmes.

“Philip’s mother had been a member, too, and had successfully lost weight with Slimming World, so we knew it worked,” explained Susan.

“Alongside that, I knew it was something the whole family could enjoy, and that it would help all of us. I really believe that preparing, cooking and eating the same meals, and supporting one another on their weight loss journeys, has been key to our success.”

Philip explains: “When we first joined Slimming World, we couldn’t believe how much food we could eat and still lose weight. Making small changes to the way we cooked our meals meant we could still enjoy all of our favourite Mediterranean meals, like paella, risotto, even pizza! 

“We enjoy spending time in the kitchen together, and love sharing our new recipes with family and friends – they taste so good and people can never believe we can eat all the food we do and lose weight. We have even learned how to make a mean Rogan Josh and onion bhaji, so literally nothing is off the menu now.”

In addition, the whole family has become more active, and enjoy family activities such as walking and cycling - feeling the health benefits that their weigh t loss has brought!

Rochelle, who runs the West Auckland Slimming World group, says: “Susan and Philip are living-proof that slimmers are more successful when they lose weight together and get support and motivation from others along their journey.

“Seeing their weight come down week after week has been a joy. They’re a real inspiration to the rest of the group, including me. I hope they’ll inspire others to come along to a local group too.

“I know, as a group, we’d love to show even more people that healthy eating isn’t all carrot sticks and lettuce leaves. It’s all about learning to make a few simple changes, with like-minded people to support you along the way, like Susan & Philip. It’s amazing the difference it can make!”