A START-up tech company offering software to speed up and save memory on people's computers is being launched.

Durham-based Fumarii Technologies is selling downloadable software aimed at streamlining and improving computer usage and founder Liam Gill says he hopes to inspire people to rethink their computer purchasing habits.

The Northern Echo:

Fumarii Technologies founders Liam Gill, Rhys Birkinshaw and Alfie Godfrey

The Durham University graduate said: "We see the future of computing to exist just like a utility, such as gas or electricity; it’s something that everyone needs in varying amounts, on demand. You shouldn’t have to buy a computer that will become quickly outdated as often as has become the norm.

"Just like we don’t generate our own power or buy barrels of oil at a time, then we really need to rethink this ‘trap’ we’ve fallen into about how often we purchase new computers.

“Our software tackles this by automatically updating devices, eradicating loading time and removing the need to re-purchase. We see Fumarii’s downloadable software as an ideal solution to freelancers, start-ups, small businesses and individual users to have the need for faster, more efficient computers.”

The business, which offers a subscription-based model to consumers, is being launched today.