WE all know by now that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why Sue Tailford, a mother-of-three from Hurworth, near Darlington, came up with the idea for The Little Big Duvet Company.

Fed up with her two tall teenage sons complaining that their single duvets left their backs and feet out in the cold, Sue planned the perfect cover-up.

First, she gave them both double duvets, but on a single bed these weren’t practical or aesthetically pleasing. Then, after initial research showed no one was offering an affordable solution, she came up with a duvet which offered a whole new dimension – king-size in length and adding another 75cms to the width.

The duvets (220cm x 165cm) are manufactured in the UK in easy-care polycotton with a Hollowfibre filling and cost £39.99. Bright, contemporary duvet covers with two matching pillowcases are also available, starting at £25.49.

Visit biglittleduvet.com.