A FORMER fine dining restaurant is set to be taken over by new owners for the second time in less than a year.

Holi and Bhang, an Indian restaurant, is opening in The Avenue, Durham, in April.

The venue, at Farnley Towers, was previously occupied by fine dining restaurant DH1, which closed last March, and Club Mumbai, which opened last July and closed earlier this year.

The Northern Echo:

Holi and Bhang will take over the restaurant in the same building as Farnley Towers, in The Avenue, Durham

Ahead of their opening, new owners Roo and Raj Naik hired Indian dancers to take to the streets of Durham to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi.

The Northern Echo:

Indian dancers Rosie Taylor-Knoll and Sophie Wragg putting on a show in Durham Market Place

Known as the festival of colours, or festival of love, it is a spring time celebration to mark the end of winter.

As well as putting on a performance in Durham’s Market Place, dancers Rosie Taylor-Knoll and Sophie Wragg offered people visiting the city centre samples of Indian food.

Ms Naik said the festival was an opportunity to celebrate and let people know about the opening of the new venue.

The Northern Echo:

Dancing in Durham Market Place

The independent restaurant takes the other part of its name from the famous bhang drink, which is made from cannabis.

Ms Naik added: “Obviously we wont be serving that version.”

The restaurant is opening on Friday, April 5.