GETTING the best for the people of the North amid an uncertain Brexit was the message of the Northern Powerhouse Minister on a visit to County Durham yesterday.

MP Jake Berry visited the new head office of the Learning Curve Group, an education company who provide apprenticeships and in work training, in Spennymoor ahead of its opening in the next few weeks.

He was joined by Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Bishop Auckland, Dehenna Davison Fareham and the pair took a tour of the building with the group's new CEO Brenda McLeish.

Talking about Brexit and Theresa May's deal, Mr Berry said: "Parliament made it clear that the current Brexit deal does not have the support of the House of Commons so it's absolutely right in that situation that the Prime Minister reaches out to try to find how we can deliver Brexit. Here in County Durham there was a massive vote of people who wanted to leave the EU and as a government we have had our instructions so we have got to get on with it.

Mr Berry said he fully supported the Prime Minister.

He said: "People are playing political games in Brexit. I got into politics to make people's lives better - we have been given an instruction and we are delivering it."

Mr Berry said it would be "frankly bizarre" to take the No Deal option off the table but that Brexit for the North of England could bring "huge opportunities".

"The things we have got in the North are the things we will need after Brexit," he said. "My job is to make every single person in the North reach their potential and improve their life chances. One of the idea is a Department for the North and it's an idea I personally favour. I think the Northern Powerhouse has to be about the people of the North taking back control."

He added: "It's about the people of the North being responsible for their destiny - we need the power back from London."

Mrs Davison Fareham said she was delighted to accompany Mr Berry and was impressed with Learning Curve for doing "such incredible work" and investing £8million.

She is looking forward to working with Mr Berry on issues such as tackling Bishop Auckland high street and improving education.