A MANUFACTURER of poultry farm equipment designed to boost bird welfare will launch the UK’s first commercial poultry farm that is open to the public.

Vencomatic Group is behind The Northern Poultry Campus. It will include a café and a gift shop for visitors and aims to increase transparency around egg production by showing consumers exactly where eggs come from.

The Campus, which will open in 2020, will be located at Sally Farms, a new 600-acre poultry farm that opened in October in Helperby, Hambleton, North Yorkshire, where birds are housed in an innovative new kind of nest.

The unit will house up to 64,000 birds, with 80 acres of outdoor space for livestock to roam freely.

Dr Leon Furlong, managing director at Vencomatic Group, said: “The nesting systems that will be used at The Northern Poultry Campus are designed to keep birds in good condition.

"Making this facility accessible to the next generation of poultry farmers will help to grow and safeguard understanding of animal wellbeing."