WORKERS at a furniture manufacturer have been left reeling after being told their jobs could be axed.

Bosses at Godfrey Syrett last week told staff the company proposes shutting its plant at Langley Moor, County Durham, and making employees redundant.

It is understood that around 60 staff have been put on notice and the 30 day consultation period will end at Christmas.

In a letter handed to those affected on November 26, CEO Anner Eggink wrote: "Further to the recent takeover of the business, it is now clear that the company has significant financial problems and unfortunately drastic actions must be taken if the business is to survive.

"It is my duty to announce that, regrettably, it is out intention to close the Langley Moor site.

"Today is therefore the beginning of a 30 day redundancy consultation period with all impacted staff.

"All individuals who are at risk of redundancy will receive letters confirming this and we will of course consult fully and fairly with all employees on the proposed redundancy prior to making any final decisions."

The company, which was established more than 70 years ago, has made furniture for public sector clients includes the Ministry of Defence and schools. Just 12 months ago, bosses told The Northern Echo of an ambitious £50m growth plan.

One worker, who asked not be named, said the workshop at Littleburn Industrial Estate has a full order book but the work will be moved to a site in Scotland.

He said: "We were bought out in some venture capital deal.

"Just two months ago bosses were saying it was a good thing, as they had deep pockets. Our order book is full until 2022.

"Then we found out that our work is going to Havelock in Scotland which is struggling.

"The way we've been treated is disgusting, we've worked hard to get a full order book but will be sacrificed for another site.

"It looks like they are putting men out of work in County Durham to save jobs in Scotland.

"The worst insult is that we have had to send raw materials on artics up to them to build and send back down, we could have had the jobs done in eight hours.

"It is a real kick in the teeth, why should we and our families suffer to give other men work?"

A spokesperson for the company, which has sites in Newcastle and Belmont, Durham, said: "The management team at Godfrey Syrett has been exploring different options to secure the future of the business and the high-quality service it provides to its customer base.

"However, significant changes are required if the business is to survive and prosper in the future.

"I can confirm that we have entered a consultation process with employees at the Langley Moor site but cannot comment on the detail for legal reasons."