A MUM from Sedgefield has taken a big step by turning her hobby into a small business.

After three years of creating word-based pictures on a small scale, Catherine Lines has launched her first full Christmas range to the public.

The All About Words collection went live last week, with bespoke, personalised cards and other festive gifts produced using a selection of words chosen by the customer.

She said: “I’m really excited about the new All About Words Christmas collection and still pinching myself that I’ve managed to get to this stage in the development of my little business.

“Once my youngest son started school, that freed up a little more time to dedicate to this and I have worked really hard to create this new range.

“I think I’ve got a great mix of festive card designs that can be personalised for any family and I know that bespoke word art designs can make very special Christmas presents for people of any age, particularly because by their very nature they show that someone has put proper thought into them.”

The mum-of-three started All About Words in 2013, initially as a hobby when she could not find a card that she liked for a friend. Now she produces pictures and cards by using a selection of words that are special to each customer and by creating unique artwork.

Since taking the decision to turn All About Words into a business, she has invested in a high-quality printer and equipment, along with hundreds of font typefaces and images, plus a series of original characters drawn by her 15-year-old son Ciaran.

All About Words products can already be found in Sedgefield and throughout the North East, and have even been sent as far afield as Germany and the USA.

For details visit facebook.com/allaboutwordspictures