A REVOLUTION in mobility transport has been launched in the UK that promises to make travelling with a disability scooter so much easier.

In Britain alone, there are more than 300,000 mobility scooter owners and 80,000 scooters are sold each year, with sales growing by up to 10 per cent annually. You’d think that owning a scooter enables people far more freedom to go where they want, and when they want, but it’s not as simple as that.

The scooter operates on a rechargeable battery, which means that travelling distance is limited. One way round this is to pack the scooter into the back of the car, drive it to your destination, and unload it – in some instances also re-assembling it – before being able to use it.

The weight of a scooter can be up to 204 kg, so it’s no easy feat getting it in and out of a car. More often than not, it requires two people - preferably strong and able-bodied. Those scooters that don’t need to be disassembled require a car or van to accommodate the height, and then need to be pushed up a ramp, or hoisted into the vehicle.

In both cases, they require the back seats to be folded down, and can take up most of the boot space.

Suddenly, going to the shops or for a day out isn’t so tempting.

Ray Lartey, Managing Director of TriLift UK, has been in the mobility industry for 20 years and is hoping to change all that for scooter owners. He has brought to the UK and Europe a new innovation for the next generation in mobility transportation – a lift that attaches to the tow bar on the back of your car, that will raise and hold the scooter securely, and with minimum effort.

He says: “This is a revolution in mobility transportation, and I am passionate about this product. I saw it in the USA five years ago, and it gave me a ‘Wow’ moment when I saw how easy it was to use.

“It is an honest product that anyone using a mobility scooter or power chair – or with a relative who uses one – would love to have. I believe that 99.9 per cent of people who saw it would buy it.”

The product is simplicity itself. The scooter is driven to the back of the vehicle, the lift on the tow bar attaches to a bracket on the side of the scooter, or power chair, and, at the touch of a button, raises it off the ground.

To ensure that vehicle meets the legal road safety requirements of visible indicators, TriLift will supply a tailboard with indicators that can be easily attached.

The lift can be used on any other suitable vehicle, and, when not in use for a prolonged period, it can be easily removed for storage. There are three different lifts to suit all types of scooters and power chairs – Lite, Classic, and Heavy Duty. The lift has a lifetime guarantee, with a three-year warranty on the motor.

TriLift UK has the sole distribution rights to this worldwide-patented product to Europe as well as China, and has technicians around the country who will come and provide you with full details and a free, no-obligation demonstration at your own home. If you decide to proceed with a purchase, they will arrange everything for you – stress-free and simple.

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