TWISTED Automotive has marked Yorkshire Day, while celebrating 70 years of the classic Defender, with a photoshoot at iconic Yorkshire landmark, the Kilburn White Horse.

Twisted recently completed its inaugural Yorkshire 300 road trip, which set off from its Thirsk headquarters, not far from Sutton Bank.

The 300-mile long event took place over four days and raised £500 for Yorkshire charity Children’s Variety.

The images of Twisted vehicles forming the number ‘70’ above The White Horse, were captured using drone cameras.

The Land Rover name was originally used by the Rover Company for the Land Rover Series, launched in 1948. It developed into a brand encompassing a range of four-wheel-drive models, including the Defender.

Yorkshire Day is celebrated every year on August 1. The date marks the anniversaries of the Battle of Minden and of the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834, for which a Yorkshire MP, William Wilberforce, had campaigned.

Twisted Automotive specialises in redefining the legendary Defender to the exacting specifications of customers from around the world.