SO very sad to learn that Jeff and Allison are having to wind down their business Hope St News in Crook.

They have put out a newsletter saying that the shop has failed. Please do not ever say that Jeff.

For small retailers it is rising costs that are causing the problem and it is difficult to make enough profit to continue.

Shopping has changed over the years so the odds are stacked against small businesses.

Jeff is a top lad, a good old fashioned shopkeeper who always has a word for each of his customers.

He is very hard working and the irony of it all is that he really enjoys his job is held in high regard by all.

So thank you both for your hard work over the last ten years and the support you have given to all of your customers.

We all wish you well for the future. I am sure everyone will get behind you as you continue to deliver newspapers and magazines, and I for one would like to thank you for your friendship.

Janet Charlton, Stanley Crook