A ROOFING design firm hopes to bolster its presence in the Middle East after completing a steelworks project.

Tapered Plus supported work on Abu Dhabi’s Al Taweelah Alumina Rolling Mill, in the United Arab Emirates.

The Stockton-based business, known for delivering tapered insultation for flat roofs, was part of a team of consultants overseeing construction of the refinery, which is expected to be finished later this year.

Aman Chahal, director and co-founder of Tapered Plus, which launched in 2014, said the work reflects the business’ growing market reputation, adding he hopes it can be a springboard for further Middle East contracts.

He said: “The project is a big milestone for us and we’re very proud of our involvement.

“It was significant because it is one of the largest industrial construction sites in the United Arab Emirates and only the second to be built in the Middle East.

“Taking Teesside expertise and technology overseas is a great feeling and we’re hoping this work will lead on to more in the region.”

However, Mr Chahal said the business will continue pushing forward domestically too, citing projects at Leeds’ Victoria Gate shopping centre and Arsenal Football Club’s training ground, with the former seeing the firm play its part in the creation of roofing to cover 42,000sq metres.

It also played a role in the development of Darlington’s Feethams cinema and restaurant complex, and has now created a mobile app for customers to further futureproof services.

Revealing the endeavour has been carried out alongside fellow Stockton company Sapere Software, Mr Chahal added: “Our team is often in remote sites with no data connection.

“This tool helps them gather and process the information on jobs.

“It’s fantastic to be able to work closely with other businesses on our doorstep.

“That’s just one of the benefits of being based in a place like Stockton; there is a wealth of expertise and skill to be drawn on across Teesside.”