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Durham County Council

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7th April 2016, 00:51 to 7th May 2016, 00:51

The Council proposes in not less than 7 days from the date of this notice to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984, as amended, to close to: Vehicular traffic: (1) A 1.73km length of A690 westbound carriageway between its junctions with the off slip to C13 Belmont Interchange (Broomside Lane) and Gilesgate Roundabout, and incorporating the Broomside Lane -A690 westbound on-slip; (2) A 2.17km length of A690 eastbound carriageway between its junctions with Leazes Bowl Roundabout and off slip road C13 Belmont Interchange (Broomside Lane); (3) A 40m length of Gilesgate that extends westerly from Gilesgate Roundabout to the junction with Leazes Lane (adj. Gilesgate Medical Centre); (4) The northern section ofGilesgate Roundabout between its junctions withA690 Leazes Road eastbound entry to its junction with, and including a 40m length of A181 exit from Gilesgate Roundabout; and (5) The southern side ofGilesgate Roundabout incorporating a 30m lengthofA181 and extending to the western side of the Roundabout onto A690 Leazes Road. Pedestrian Traffic: (6) A 95m length of Carrville Link Footbridge that crosses A690 east of Gilesgate Roundabout, by reason of carriageway resurfacing and bridge works to be undertaken. It will be necessary to suspend the County of Durham (Unclassified Station Lane, Gilesgate) (one-way Traffic) Order 2004 to allow traffic to egress Station Lane onto A181 Gilesgate Bank. The maximum duration of the temporary closure under the Order is 18 months and is required between 8.00pm & 6.00am, Sun.-Thurs* from 17/04/16 and for the duration of the works anticipated to be over a 3 week period. The closures in 1-4 & 6 are scheduled for 17/4-21/4, & 24/4-28/4 with the regulations in 1 & 5 required additionally 01/5 - 05/5. * Some works may also be undertaken on a Sunday and will be clearly signed on site as required. An alternative route will be available to vehicular traffic from: (1) Eastern side of the closure from A690 westbound via C13 Belmont Interchange off-slip southeasterly on C13 Broomside Lane, turning southerly towards DurhamCity Retail Parkand continuing westerly on Alma Place and Sunderland Road to the western side ofthe closure. (2) Western side of the closure from A690 Leazes Bowl Roundabout (for NON-HGV traffic) southerly via New Elvet and continuing on Church Street to 'New Inn' traffic signals and turning easterly along A177 Stockton Road and continuing southeasterly to Low Shincliffe then easterly on B1198 Mill Lane to Sherburn House then north westerly and westerly on A181 then northerly on Dragon Lane to Sunderland Road / Alma Place thennortheasterly to Broomside Lane then westerlyonto A690 to A1(M) Junction 62 to the eastern side of the closure. (3) Western side of the closure easterly via Gilesgate and Claypath to Leazes Bowl Roundabout to follow the diversion in 2. (4) As diversion in 2. above. (5) Eastern side of the closure, westerly via A181 Gilesgate and Sherburn Road onto the diversion in 2. HGV diversions will be signposted (to avoid 7.5 T weight limit in Durham) via either: (a) A167 north to Chester le Street Blind Lane Interchange (Junction 63) then southwards via A1(M) to Junction 62, Carrville then south westerly along A690 to the diversion in 2. above, and vice versa or (b) A167 south to Thinford then easterly and north easterly via A688 to Junction61 then northwards on A1(M) to Junction 62, Carrville then southwesterly along A690 to the diversion in 2. above and vice versa. (6) From the northern side of the closure via the associated footway of A690, crossing Gilesgate and via Leazes Footbridge to the southern side of Leazes Road and via the crossing point on A181 Gilesgate Bank, following the northern footway of Gilesgate easterly to no. 87 then turning northerly on the footpath adjacent West View onto Footpath No. 73 leading toward Heaviside Place to the southern side of the closure, and vice versa.
The Council, on 07/04/16 made an Order under Section 14 (1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984, as amended, to close to: Vehicular traffic: (1) A 145m length of road Claypath that extends westerly from its junction with New Elvet Bridge to the junction of Market Place (2) A 20m length of western side of Leazes Bowl Roundabout (thereby imposing a no right turn manoeuvre fromNew Elvet Bridge onto eastbound A690) (3) A 20mlength ofeasternside of Leazes Bowl Roundabout (thereby imposing a no right turn from eastbound A690 onto New Elvet Bridge) Pedestrian Traffic (4) A 450m length of northern footway of A690 between Claypath one-way slip road and the footpath leading to Ravensworth Terrace, and including the footpath fromLeazes Bowl Roundabout to the rear ofthe Bus Stops leading onto Claypath Bridge (5) The Leazes Bowl Subway and approaches linking the northern associated footway of A690 Leazes Road to the footpath south ofA690 (6) A 200m lengthofsouthern footway ofA690 between the road leading to Pelaw Leazes Lane and extending 30m onto New Elvet Bridge (7)The footpath north of the riverside footpath (Footpath No. 78) that extends between the Leazes Bowl Subway to New Elvet Bridge, a distance of40m (8) A 140m length offootway on the southern side ofA690 between Claypath and Walkergate (9) The footway onthe southern side ofClaypathextending between Market Place and New Elvet Bridge over a distance of 178m and (10) The footway on the northern side ofClaypath that extends eastwards fromClaypath Bridge for a distance of55m to enable carriageway reconstruction including new traffic signal installation works to be undertaken. The maximumduration ofthe temporary closure under the Order is 18 months and is required from Mon 11/04/16 and for the duration of the works, anticipated to be 23 weeks. The pedestrian closures will be implemented as required and not all at the same time nor for the whole duration of this phase of the scheme. Alternative route: Access and egress will be maintained to Prince Bishops Car Park from either A690 or Claypath. Vehicular traffic (1) During the Claypath closure from A690 easterly to Gilesgate Roundabout then westerly onto Gilesgate/ Claypath, and vice versa (2) During the no right turn from New Elvet Bridge onto eastbound A690, from New Elvet Bridge turning left and westerly on A690 to and around A690/A691 Millburngate Roundabout to A690 eastbound (3) During the no right turn from A690 eastbound to New Elvet Bridge, from Leazes Bowl Roundabout continuing easterly on A690 to and around A690/A181 Gilesgate Roundabout to A690 westbound.
However, on rare occasions, alternative dates for the above 2 closures may be necessary and these will be signed accordingly.
On 31/03/16, the County Council of Durham confirmed the above order made under section 119 of the Highways Act 1980. The effect of the order as confirmed is to divert Public Footpath No. 79 Brandon & Byshottles Parish from a point on the Deerness Valley Railway Path west of Gutter Gill proceeding south westerly then southerly across the Gill to a point north of the River Deerness onto a line running from the same point on the Railway Path proceeding south easterly along the Railway Path then southwesterly then southerly to the southofthe Gill to the same point north of the River Deerness, as shown on the order map. A copy of the order as confirmed and the order map have been placed and may be seen free ofcharge at County Hall, Durham from9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, on the Council's website and also at Brandon library during normal opening hours. Copies of the order and map may be bought there at the price of £1.15. The order comes into force as from24/02/16, but if any personaggrieved by the order wants to question its validity, or that ofany provisioncontained in it, on the ground that it is not within the powers ofthe Highways Act 1980, as amended, or on the ground that any requirement ofthe Act, as amended, or ofany regulation made under the Act has not been complied within relation to the order, he or she may, under paragraph 2 of Schedule 2 of the Act as applied by paragraph 5 of Schedule 6 ofthe Act, within 6 weeks from07/04/16, make an application to the High Court.
Dated: 7 April 2016
Colette Longbottom Head of Legal & Democratic Services County Hall, Durham DH1 5UL


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