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North-East physiotherapist Paul Gough offers tips on keeping your body in prime condition

Feel Great For Sport with Paul Gough

Paul Gough is well known in the North East as a top sports Physiotherapist, previously working with Darlington FC and Middlesbrough FC Academy and famously being choosen by Paul Scholes to be head medical man at the Man Utd legends soccer camp in the USA. Paul now runs a quartet of prviate Physiotherapy Practices across the North East and writes exclusively for the Northern Echo.


Feel Great For Sport: Take time to plan your exercise properly

7:01am Saturday 18th October 2014

I’VE been struggling with a foot injury over the past few weeks.

Feel Great For Sport: Be wary of muscle imbalance when running

7:01am Saturday 4th October 2014

NOW the summer is almost over, I want to talk about an injury I’ve seen lots of, especially since the recent Great North Run.

Cheese is no way to treat an injury

2:50am Saturday 27th September 2014

I’VE heard of cheese and wine being mixed together at posh dinners or reception parties, but never in a physio room and for fixing injuries.

Feel Great For Sport: The recovery secrets the pros use

The Northern Echo: ACHILLES NIGHTMARE: Ex-England wicketkeeper Matt Prior is currently in rehabilitation following surgery on an Achilles injury.

7:02am Saturday 20th September 2014

HERE is something for you to keep safe in your sports bag this week.

Feel Great For Sport: Get ready for winter

7:01am Saturday 13th September 2014

SO, the seasons are changing and winter is on its way.

Feel Great For Sport: What to do when you feel the dreaded "shot" in your calf

The Northern Echo: KEEP ON RUNNING: Calf muscle injuries require at least 3-4 weeks rest 				Picture: CHRIS BOOTH

7:02am Saturday 6th September 2014

I got this “painful” message from a reader of the column who wants to know what to do next:

Feel Great For Sport: Vary your training while surfaces are still hard

The Northern Echo: BAD START: Manchester United’s Marouane Felliani has suffered an injury common at the start of the new season

7:02am Saturday 30th August 2014

I’M still seeing a lot of Sunday morning footballers out running at the moment. And that’s a good thing.

Feel Great For Sport: Handy tips for last minute Great North Run injuries

The Northern Echo: GREAT OCCASION: The start of the Bupa Great North Run 2013, with the elite mens runners, including Mo Farah, at the start line

7:02am Saturday 23rd August 2014

IT’S that time of year again…

Feel Great For Sport: Team bonding time? Try out coasteering

The Northern Echo: (9204246)

9:15am Saturday 16th August 2014

HERE is something different for you to consider while the sun is out and the water is warm.

Feel Great For Sport: The exercises that could put an end to your back problems

The Northern Echo: BACK TROUBLES: Tiger Woods declared himself fit for this weekend’s PGA Championship, despite suffering a recurrence of a long-standing back problem        Picture: PA

7:01am Saturday 9th August 2014

This week I received these questions from readers of the column: “Paul, I am a teacher and wonder how do you continue to stay fit and active when a long-standing back injury keeps recurring?''

Feel Great For Sport: Don't mix up an sports injury with bad posture

The Northern Echo: SITTING COMFORTABLY: Aches and pains can be the result of bad posture rather than exercise

7:02am Saturday 2nd August 2014

I saw two very interesting clients this week, who came to see me with an injury they thought was caused by their participation in sport and exercise, but a closer inspection revealed a common problem that most readers of this article are likely to be a victim of.

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Don't confuse back pain with another problem

The Northern Echo: ON THE RUN: Middlesbrough players running on their first day back of pre-season

7:02am Saturday 26th July 2014

A few tips this week for those running with a bad back, or those who simply want to avoid suffering from it.

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Can you avoid pre-match injuries?

The Northern Echo: AGONY WATCHING: Germany midfielder Sami Khedira, centre, was ruled out of the World Cup final after sustaining an injury during his team's warm-up

7:02am Saturday 19th July 2014

This week I got this question from an email subscriber of mine asking about warming up for a warm up.

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Last minute tips to make the most of your race

The Northern Echo: RACE TIPS: Good preparation can make all the difference during 10k races

8:02am Saturday 12th July 2014

WHEN it comes to preparing for a 10K race, it’s never too late to take on board a few last minute tips.

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Uphill running - why it could hinder, not help your progress

The Northern Echo: Runners take part in the Parkrun at Maiden Castle in Durham. (7844179)

8:02am Saturday 5th July 2014

This question came in from a reader of the column this week:

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Lower your risk of sustaining 'freak' injuries

The Northern Echo: BAD LUCK: England physio Gary Lewin is stretchered off after dislocating his ankle celebrating Daniel Sturridge's goal against Italy Picture: Mike Egerton/PA Wire

7:02am Saturday 21st June 2014

It happens. You’re at the World Cup in Brazil, your team scores, you’re jumping around celebrating with all of your friends, but you’re the only one who doesn’t see the water bottle left lying on the ground that causes you to slip and dislocate your ankle. Ouch.

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Be clever when it comes to fluid intake

The Northern Echo: THIRSTY WORK: England captain Steven Gerrard stops to have a drink during a training session ahead of tonight's World Cup opener against Italy Picture: MIKE EGERTON/PA

8:02am Saturday 14th June 2014

It’s getting HOT!

FEEL GREAT FOR SPORT: Ignore the stereotype and give yoga a go

The Northern Echo: WINDY CITY: Our weekly columnist Paul Gough stumbled across this open air yoga class in Chicago last weekend

8:02am Saturday 7th June 2014

Somehow I almost missed it.

See an expert to get over your running fear

8:01am Saturday 31st May 2014

This question came in this week from a member of a running club in Darlington: “Paul, I liked your recent article on the Kinesiology tape. Although continuing to train with an Achilles injury, a complete lack of confidence is a big issue now. When I run, I have it in my mind that each niggle is the old injury flaring up again.

Exhaust all options when looking for an injury solution

The Northern Echo: TRY IT: Novak Djokovic is just one of many athletes who rely on kinesiology tape to help them overcome pain and discomfort

7:32am Saturday 17th May 2014

This week’s column looks into this question sent in by a reader:

Massage is the key to your Achilles recovery

The Northern Echo: AGONY: David Beckham missed the 2010 World Cup after tearing his Achilles tendon while playing for AC Milan

8:02am Saturday 10th May 2014

THIS week I offer some help for runners aged 40-plus.

Warming down properly is vital for recovery

7:24pm Friday 8th November 2013

GETTING just this one thing wrong in sport can really damage your chances of taking part in it.

From 0 to 5k in five weeks - week four

12:00am Saturday 26th October 2013

To cross the finish line of a 5k run in under 30 minutes is no mean task.

Five steps to running 5K - week three

12:00am Saturday 19th October 2013

So you've hopefully completed a successful week two of your training with the big prize waiting for you at the end being to be in good enough shape to cross the finish line of a North East 5K park run, in under 30 minutes.

Week 2: Paul Gough's guide to running

8:00am Saturday 12th October 2013

So we're aiming to get you in shape for one of the 5k runs happening across the North-East.

How to be ready to run 5k in 5 weeks - week one

2:30pm Thursday 3rd October 2013

Daily fitness rituals can transform your health. Doing something on a daily basis to keep fit will boost your energy, keep you supple, improve heart and lung function and the best of all those benefits are free.

Don't let injuries linger - even top triathletes like the Brownlee brothers can't afford to

7:00pm Friday 20th September 2013

Injuries can hang around. And nearly always longer than you expect. Too many people at the grassroots level of sport make the mistake of hoping in vain that tomorrow will be the day that the problem just goes.

Essential last minute tips for the Great North Run

4:09pm Friday 13th September 2013

The starter is checking his gun, the marshals are getting set, uniforms in check, TV cameras on stands, Red Arrows at the ready, diversion signs in place, roads slamming shut and the spectators are preparing their vocal chords to cheer you on.

Why Rooney has made the right choice in skipping England World Cup duty

1:27pm Friday 6th September 2013

Head injuries in a contact sport like football happen, there's nothing new there. It's often the case that even from the most innocuous of collisions, the player should miss the rest of the current game and even the next one just to be safe.

Protecting your lower back is crucial to avoid injury

7:31pm Friday 9th August 2013

Overuse injuries in pre-season are nothing new. It's highly unlikely that there's not at least one person in your team who isn't suffering from something shin splints, a tight Achilles, runners knee or generally struggling to cope with the pace and the hard ground.

Vary your routine to avoid becoming a lazy runner

8:00am Saturday 3rd August 2013

One of the problems with running is that it's very easy to become lazy.

How to cope with training in a heatwave

10:00am Saturday 6th July 2013

A heawave is on the way to the North-East. And with it comes an increase in the number of calls to my physio clinics.

Tennis elbow doesn't just affect SW19 stars

8:00am Saturday 29th June 2013

KNEE, shoulder, hamstring and even neck injuries. You've likely to have read about or seen all of them happen at Wimbledon this week, ending no less than seven top players' tournaments.

Does Kinesiology tape make a difference?

8:00am Saturday 22nd June 2013

This time last year saw the introduction to that coloured support tape you're probably now seeing lots of on a grassroots sports pitch.

Goalkeeping coaches are vital at any level

8:00am Saturday 15th June 2013

THE sight of a specialist goalkeeper coach in grassroots clubs is becoming ever so familiar. And hats off to clubs in the North-East that are recognising the importance of the technical aspects of the role of a goalkeeper, just as much as they would any other outfield player.

Make the right choice and rest over summer

8:00am Saturday 8th June 2013

The end of the football season offers you the choice of a complete break to give your body a rest, or choosing to do something else to keep you fit and active.

Why Hignett and Cooper are the right pick for Pools

4:06pm Sunday 2nd June 2013

Choose a young, motivated and super keen manager on his way up, or an experienced but recently sacked manager fresh off the merry-go-round of failure. Which would you rather have at the head of your team?

Players can benefit from a woman's touch

8:00am Saturday 25th May 2013

Since Sir Alex Ferguson's appointment as Manchester Untied boss some 27 years ago, aside from the emergence of foreign players, European football, academies, Sky Sports and even compulsory seating for fans, back room and medical teams have also developed expansively.

Changing surfaces can cause endless issues

8:00am Saturday 18th May 2013

As the grassroots football season comes to an end, it's possible you're already considering other ways to keep fit and stay active through the summer months.

Exercise is vital for keeping stress at bay

8:00am Saturday 11th May 2013

Finding the time to keep fit is the often the number one obstacle to a person being as fit as they would like.

Keep things ticking over by competing in a triathlon

10:38am Monday 6th May 2013

If you ever find yourself on the treatment table of a physio room, one of the reasons could be that you're suffering from an over-use type injury.

All you need to know before marathon run

4:11pm Friday 26th April 2013

When it comes to preparing for a marathon, you might think there's no such thing as over preparing? But this isn't always strictly true.

How to prepare your body for those late kick-offs

10:00am Saturday 20th April 2013

After a pretty harsh winter and the likelihood of many games having been postponed, there's a good chance that you'll be involved in a flurry of midweek evening fixtures - and it brings a whole new set of factors you should be aware of if you want to prepare properly.

Stretch to reduce the risk of becoming hamstrung

10:00am Saturday 13th April 2013

One look at the Premier League injury table this week and both Sunderland and Newcastle are pretty close to being on top - not a healthy place to be in the build up to one of the most important games of the season.

Five steps to help you play on like Beckham

8:00am Saturday 6th April 2013

If you're in your mid to late 30s, you're possibly adapting to life in the Friday night over-35 league or contemplating the inevitable transition to continue your football career with those in the 40+ age bracket.

Making a splash in the pool can help prevent injuries

2:27pm Sunday 31st March 2013

CRISTIANO Ronaldo and swimming pools. A familiar sight in the close season as the Real Madrid superstar is pictured in the fabulous hotels of places like Las Vegas or Los Angeles. But the former Manchester United star is part of a growing group of players spending more time in the swimming pool, during the season.

The perils of playing on with a foot injury

10:00am Saturday 16th March 2013

One of the most painful moments on a football field has to be that situation where you strike the bottom of your opponent's boot and the top of your foot impacts directly with their studs.

The answer to the question -

9:00am Saturday 9th March 2013

TAKE one look at the injury list of teams in the North-East this weekend and you'll likely find a swell in the number of players missing through knee injuries.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin

10:00am Saturday 2nd March 2013

The way that you sit might not be something that you've ever considered being an important factor in your performance in sport.

Knee clunks and clicks are a sign of wear and tear

4:38pm Sunday 24th February 2013

For many, the clicking and clunking of their joints as they hurry around a football pitch is a pretty normal occurrence.

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