A RUSH on French baguettes by customers at Waitrose supermarket in York has resulted in the store selling out.

Customers in the city's high-end supermarket are also reportedly stocking up on strawberries and champagne for their Tour de France celebrations, as the York branch says it has seen sales increase 11 per cent this week.

Waitrose in Harrogate said an influx in tourists in town for the international event had caused sales of ice and beer to soar.

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Meanwhile Asda in Harrogate said it had been “busier than Christmas”.

There was evidence of shoppers stockpiling as at one point today (Friday, July 4) as several shoppers tweeted pictures of rows of empty shelves where bread had sold out.

The Yorkshire-based chain is the official partner of the Tour Makers for the Tour de France in the UK and has been responsible for recruiting, training and feeding the 10,000 Tour Maker volunteers.

A spokeswoman for the store said: “There were some availability problems yesterday at our Harrogate store. There were a lot of customers coming in; it was busier than Christmas. But all the shelves are fully restocked now.”