MOTORISTS are being warned that cars will not be able to park on the Tour de France route in the immediate run up to, and during, the race.

Officials from North Yorkshire County Council will travel the route next weekend – one week ahead of the race – to attach warning leaflets to cars parked along it.

The authority says it is essential that the route and the access roads are kept clear during the preparation period and during the race itself.

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Therefore no vehicles will be permitted to park on the race route - and there will be other access roads where parking will also be suspended in Harrogate town centre.

Owners will be responsible for finding a suitable alternative location to leave their vehicle - and any vehicles parked on the race route will be removed.

For the Stage One route residents and businesses must move vehicles from 7pm on Friday, July 4, until the race has gone through and the road is reopened.

In Harrogate town centre vehicles will not be able to park on roads where parking has been suspended from midnight on July 4. It is anticipated the suspension will be lifted from 10pm on July 5.

For the Stage Two route vehicles must be moved from 7pm on Saturday, July 5, until the race has gone and the road reopened.

Road closures and parking suspensions can be viewed in detail on the following web link: