SUNDERLAND have been fined £100,000 after admitting breaching the Football Association’s football agents regulations.

The Black Cats admitted a technical breach of the rules at an independent regulatory commission hearing in London yesterday, and have been warned as to their future conduct.

The details of the case levelled at the club have not been revealed, but it is understood the charges relate to Sunderland’s relationship with Abu Mahfuz, a little-known agent who has been investigated by the authorities.

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Mahfuz has had his agent licence suspended for two years, with six months to be served starting from May 21.

The remaining 18 months of the penalty is to be suspended, but will be invoked if a further breach of agent regulations is proved during that period.

Mahfuz, who was also fined £500 and warned as to his future conduct, had denied breaching the FA’s agent regulations.

However, the charge was upheld after an independent hearing yesterday and Mahfuz must now decide whether to appeal against the FA’s punishment.

Sunderland can also appeal against the FA’s decision to issue them with a fine, although it is thought unlikely that they will take that action given that they admitted breaching the rules yesterday. A club spokesperson was last night unavailable for further comment.