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  • England win toss and elect to bowl
  • Alastair Cook misses out through injury
  • Today's game is the only international fixture in the North-East this year


WICKET: Anderson b.Senanayake 7

ENGLAND 99 All Out

Game over - and England have lost by 157 runs.

Anderson was the last man to go as he was clean bowled by the spinner Senanayake, and that was a dismal effort from start to finish.

The series is squared at 1-1, but England will have to do a hell of a lot better than that if this is not to be an extremely long summer.


WICKET: Morgan c.Chandimal b.Prasad 40

England 99-9 (Anderson 7, Gurney 4) 26ov

Morgan hoists another six off Prasad, but then goes a couple of balls later.

He drilled a sharp catch to the square leg boundary, but at least provided a modicum of resistance, which was more than any of his team-mates.

Just one more wicket, and then England are out of their misery.


England 84-8 (Morgan 34, Anderson 3) 24ov

At least Morgan is offering a modicum of resistance here, and the stand-in skipper has just hoisted Prasad over the boundary rope for six. That was a great shot, but sadly it's going to count for little.


WICKET: Tredwell c.Kulasekara b.Senanayake 4

England 76-8 (Morgan 28, Anderson 3)

The end is surely near now after Tredwell departs in a manner every bit as cheap as what has gone before.

The batsman tried to clobber his fellow spinner Senanayake over the long-off boundary, but never looked like getting enough purchase on the shot.


England 71-7 (Morgan 25, Tredwell 2) 21ov

Tredwell helps himself to a couple of runs off Senanayake as England at least attempt to make three figures.

Their lowest score at Chester-le-Street is the 101 they scored against New Zealand a decade or so back.


England 69-7 (Morgan 25, Tredwell 1) 20ov

A degree of success for England - an over goes by and they don't lose a wicket.

Dilshan bowled it, and England scored six runs, with Morgan finding the boundary rope.


WICKET: Jordan lbw b.Senanayake 1

England 63-7 (Morgan 20, Tredwell 0) 19ov

Another one bites the dust as Jordan is trapped leg before by Senanayake.

He was trapped in front by a ball that turned, and failed to get the decision overturned on review, with replays showing the ball was clearly hitting his leg stump.

England's lowest ODI score against Sri Lanka is 88 - and that's under threat now.


WICKET: Buttler c.Senanayake b.Mathews 4

England 62-6 (Morgan 19, Jordan 1) 18ov

Another wicket gone, and this is the softest of the lot.

Buttler tries to work Mathews' first ball into the on side, but only succeeds in miscueing entirely and lofting a looped catch to short cover. That really was a dreadful dismissal, although it looked like the batsman wasn't expecting the ball to hold up as much as it did.

Jordan is the new batsman, and Morgan at least ends the over by drilling a boundary through the off side.



England 53-5 (Morgan 12, Buttler 4) 16ov

Prasad continuing, and while Buttler has at least got off the mark with a boundary, England are really struggling to generate any kind of momentum at all.


WICKET: Bopara b.Senanayake 7

England 48-5 (Morgan 12, Buttler 0) 15ov

So much for rebuilding then.

Bopara's innings comes to a tame end as he is clean bowled by the spinner Senanayake.

The batsman was the bowled through gate even though the ball hardly turned, and was way off the pitch of the ball. Yet another cheap wicket given away.


England 46-4 (Morgan 11, Bopara 7) 14ov

Morgan has the shots to salvage things here, and he smashes Prasad through the on side for four. The Sri Lankan dropped too short, and Morgan made him pay.

The rest of the over was tight though, and England still need another 211 runs to win this.


England 42-4 (Morgan 7, Bopara 7) 13ov

Sri Lanka turn to spin via Senanayake, and his opening over just goes for a single.

There isn't much in this pitch for the spinners, but as Tredwell proved in the Sri Lankan innings, it's possible for a slow bowler to keep things fairly tight.


England 41-4 (Morgan 6, Bopara 7) 12ov

Finally something for the home fans to cheer, as Bopara scores his first boundary. It's an excellent square cut that races to the rope.



Not a particularly nice sight for England fans, but here's a cracking shot of Kulasekara dismissing Carberry:

The Northern Echo:


England 37-4 (Morgan 6, Bopara 3) 11ov

With so much rebuilding to do, these two are going to have to take their time. Morgan almost scored a boundary, but some great Sri Lankan fielding cut the ball off before the rope.

It's notable that, at this stage, Sri Lanka's fielders have looked much sharper than England's were earlier.





England 31-4 (Morgan 3, Bopara 0) 10ov

Sri Lanka introduce Prasad for Malinga, and England at least get the scoreboard moving by taking two from the over.

That's the end of the powerplay, and it's worth noting that Kulasekara's three wickets came in 11 balls for the concession of just one run. Not a bad spell.


England 29-4 (Morgan 2, Bopara 0) 9ov

A second successive maiden, this time from Kulasekara, as England's batsmen desperately attempt to dig themselves in. It's a long, long way back from here though.


England 29-4 (Morgan 2, Bopara 0) 8ov

A maiden from Malinga as England attempt to steady the ship. Kulasekara might have taken three of the four wickets to fall, but Malinga has provided superb support at the other England, with his pace causing all sorts of problems.


WICKET: Ballance lbw b.Kulasekara 5

England 29-4 (Morgan 2, Bopara 0) 7ov

The carnage continues - with Ballance the next batsman to go. The Yorkshire player played all around a straight one fron Kulasekara, and was trapped leg before right in front of his stumps.

That's four wickets gone for the addition of just ten runs - and it's not even like the ball has been doing a great deal. It's simply rank bad batting that has been England's undoing.


WICKET: Root b.Malinga 0

England 29-3 (Ballance 5, Morgan 2) 6ov

At this rate, we might all be home in the next hour or so.

Joe Root goes for a duck, and he simply had no answer to Malinga's pace. The Yorkshireman was doubled up in front of his wicket as his stumps clattered out of the ground.

Ballance and Morgan are together now, and if England are going to get themselves out of this hole, you suspect this pair will have to put on a hundred or so.


WICKET: Bell c.Sangakkara b.Kulasekara 12

England 27-2 (Ballance 5, Root 0) 5ov

England's poor start continues as Bell departs - and his wicket was a really soft one.

He wafted at a wide delivery from Kulasekara, and offered up a simple opportunity for Sangakkara's second catch of the innings.

For such an experienced and cultured batsman, that was a poor way to go.


England 24-1 (Bell 11, Ballance 4) 4ov

Ballance gets off the mark with a boundary from the final ball of Malinga's over. The Yorkshireman pushed through the covers, and will be hoping to carry his fine county form into this run chase.


WICKET: Carberry c.Sangakkara b.Kulasekara 6

England 19-1 (Bell 10, Ballance 0) 3ov

Not the start England would have wanted as Carberry feathers a catch behind to the wicketkeeper to go for six.

There was minimal, if any, contact, and Carberry seemed to be surprised to be given out. However, he rejected the chance of a referral and headed off to the pavilion.


England 17-0 (Carberry 6, Bell 10) 2ov

A productive second over for England, which included a free hit for Carberry after a Malinga no ball.

Both England batsmen look in decent nick, with Bell in particular timing the bell extremely well from the outset.


England 8-0 (Carberry 3, Bell 5) 1ov

England's reply is under way, and the hosts have made a confident start.

Bell, who is opening in place of the injured Cook, has scored the first boundary of the innings, angling an excellent late cut behind square for four.


Sri Lanka 256-8 50 ov

(Senanayake 2*, Prasad 7*)

A decent final over from Jordan, that only goes for eight despite Sri Lanka attempting to throw the bat around.

A mixed bag of an innings that, with a strong start, an extremely wobbly middle section, and then a decent finish.

The score, at just over five-an-over, looks about par, but England should have a decent chance of chasing it down if the sun continues to shine.


WICKET: Chandimal c.Bopara b.Gurney 14

WICKET: Kulasekara c.Root b.Gurney 0

Sri Lanka 249-8 (Senenayake 1, Prasad 0) 49ov

Chandimal cracks the first ball of the over for four, but departs two balls later.

He miscued a fierce low drive through the covers, and Bopara did well to take a difficult low catch.

Two balls later, and Kulasekara goes for a duck. He tries to go over long on, but Root keeps his eye on the ball to take the catch.


WICKET: Priyanjan c.Morgan b.Anderson 43

Sri Lanka 243-6 (Chandimal 10, Kulasekara 0) 48ov

Priyanjan's entertaining knock is finally over after he top-edged an attempted pull into the on side, enabling Morgan to pouch a simple catch. He made 43 off 33 balls and injected some urgency into the Sri Lankan innings just when they needed it most.

That was Anderson's 250th wicket in ODI cricket.

There's no let up in the Sri Lankan assault though, with Chandimal pulling Anderson square of the wicket for a fiercely-hit boundary.

With two overs left, the tourists will be hoping to at least get beyond 260.


WICKET: Mathews c.Bopara b.Gurney 30

Sri Lanka 235-5 (Priyanjan 43, Chandimal 2) 47ov

England finally break Sri Lanka's fifth-wicket partnership, but only after Mathews and Priyanjan added 66 in 59 balls.

It's Mathews who has gone, with the batsman mistiming a drive to give Bopara a simple catch in the covers that is finally taken. It looked as though a change of pace from Gurney might have been decisive.

Priyanjan continues to be a thorn in England's side though, miscuing a drive for four, and then spooning away a shot into the off side that flew away for another three runs.


Sri Lanka 225-4 (Mathews 30, Priyanjan 36) 46ov

This partnership might be leading a charmed life, but its proving hugely productive for Sri Lanka.

Priyanjan should have gone again, but Jordan missed a chance to run the batsman out. Priyanjan was coming from the non-striker's end and would have been out for a mile had Jordan hit, but what should have been a fairly simple shot missed the stumps by a distance.


Sri Lanka 215-4 (Mathews 26, Priyanjan 31) 45ov

Another opportunity goes begging - and this time it's Bopara putting down a simple chance to dismiss Mathews.

It wasn't a hard chance at all as Bopara came in from the boundary rope, but he allowed the ball to pass through his hands - much to Anderson's understandable frustration.


Sri Lanka 209-4 (Mathews 24, Priyanjan 27) 44ov

Mathews clubs the first ball of Jordan's over straight down the ground for four, to bring up Sri Lanka's 200 in the 44th over.

From the final ball of the over, he produces an even better shot, rocking backwards to angle a short-pitched delivery over the vacant slip area for another boundary.

In total, 13 came off that over.

We've got glorious sunshine again now, and it definitely looks as though at least Sri Lanka's innings will be finished in its entirety without an interruption.


Sri Lanka 196-4 (Mathews 13, Priyanjan 26) 43ov

Anderson comes back into the attack to finish off his overs from the Lumley End. Priyanjan immediately tries to get after him, chipping a couple of decent shots into the on side.

The over also contained a wide, making it 12 in total for the innings. That's two extra overs that England have in effect bowled - let's hope the tally doesn't prove costly.


Sri Lanka 189-4 (Mathews 11, Prinyanjan 22) 42ov

Bopara introduces a bit of control, with an over that just goes for four. Even after that flurry against Tredwell, Sri Lanka will still do well to get 250 here.


Sri Lanka 185-4 (Mathews 9, Priyanjan 20) 41ov

England immediately pay for putting Priyanjan down in the last over, as he skips down the wicket to loft a six straight back over Tredwell's head. The ball actually hit the plastic markers marking the boundary rope, so the shot is given as a six.

From the final ball of Tredwell's over, the Sri Lankan cracks another maximum, hoisting the ball high over long on.

Suddenly, the tourists are sparking into life.


Sri Lanka 169-4 (Mathews 7, Priyanjan 6) 40ov

England's fielding errors are mounting up now, with Jordan just passing up a great chance to dismiss Priyanjan.

The fielder got a good hand to the ball as he dived forward at third man, but the catch went down.



Sri Lanka 166-4 (Mathews 7, Priyanjan 3) 39ov

England are doing a fairly decent of keeping a lid on Sri Lanka's batsmen here. Both Mathews and Priyanjan are still playing their way in, with Gurney's pace keeping them on their toes.


WICKET: Dilshan b.Jordan 88

Sri Lanka 161-4 (Mathews 5, Priyanjan 1) 38ov

Massive wicket for England as Dilshan departs for 88.

Jordan did the damage, beating the batsman for pace and clean bowling him through the gate.

Suddenly, from a position of considerable strength, Sri Lanka are in a fair bit of trouble with 12 overs remaining. They're going to have to crack on fairly quickly to get anywhere above 250.


Sri Lanka 159-3 (Dilshan 88, Mathews 4) 37ov

England's chopping and changing continues as Gurney comes back at the Lumley End.

England's fielding hasn't always been great today, but Bell produces a fantastic diving stop on the boundary to save two runs from Dilshan.

The next ball is an uppish one, and Dilshan fashions an excellent chip that takes the ball behind square on the off side for four.


Sri Lanka 152-3 (Dilshan 81, Mathews 4) 36ov

Jordan comes back into the attack at the Finchale End, and with Sri Lanka needing to increase the run rate, Dilshan is almost run out by Bopara as he scampers through for a single.

It's a sloppy over from Jordan, who concedes two wides.



Sri Lanka 145-3 (Dilshan 79, Mathews 3) 35ov

With Tredwell having kept things fairly tight from the Lumley End, England have opted to bring part-time spinner Joe Root into the attack.

It's a tidy enough first over for the Yorkshireman, although he was lucky to get away with an ugly full toss off the final ball.


Sri Lanka 144-3 (Dilshan 78, Mathews 2) 34ov

Skipper Angelo Mathews is the new Sri Lankan batsman, and the flurry of two quick wickets has persuaded Dilshan to hurry up. The opener flicked Bopara off his pads to bring up what has been a rare boundary for the tourists.


WICKET: Jayawardene run out (Ballance) 2

Sri Lanka 137-3 (Dilshan 73, Mathews 1) 33ov

Jayawardene goes after only eight deliveries - and he's only got himself to blame.

Dilshan edged through a vacant slip area, and Ballance did well to cut off the ball before it got to the rope. He threw to the end Jayawardene was running towards, but the Sri Lankan seemed to think he had all day to get there.

Buttler did well to whip off the stumps, and the replays proved Jayawardene was an inch or two short.

That's a big wicket for England.


Sri Lanka 132-2 (Dilshan 70, Jayawardene 1) 32ov

With Jayawardene having come to the wicket, England have thrown Anderson back into the attack.

His first over back in the fray was lively enough, and went for three runs.


WICKET: Sangakkara c.Buttler b.Tredwell 40

Sri Lanka 129-2 (Dilshan 68, Jayawardene 0)

England finally make their second breakthrough, and it's an unexpected one as Sangakkara gets himself out to Tredwell.

The former Durham player went down on one knee to sweep, but only succeeded in skying the ball straight up in the air, enabling Buttler to take a simple catch.

Sangakkara's 40 came off 67 balls, and he put on 96 with Dilshan for the second wicket.


Sri Lanka 127-1 (Dilshan 67, Sangakkara 39) 30ov

Every now and then, Gurney generates a bit of extra pace to beat the bat and he briefly had Dilshan worried with a ball that whistled past the off stump.

Sangakkara also flashed at a wide one in that over, and England must hope that chances present themselves as Sri Lanka look to increase their run rate.


Sri Lanka 122-1 (Dilshan 64, Sangakkara 38) 29ov

The sun's back out at Chester-le-Street, but England could do with a wicket to put a smile back on the face of their supporters.

Tredwell doesn't look like taking it though. His latest over goes for four, and while he's not being flogged all over the place, he doesn't really look like threatening a breakthrough.


Here's Dilshan plundering the England attack on the way to his half-century. He's been the game's dominant figure so far:

The Northern Echo:


Sri Lanka 118-1 (Dilshan 62, Sangakkara 36) 28ov

Gurney comes back into the attack for Bopara, but appears to lack the variety needed to trouble a pair of well-set batsmen.

Sri Lanka take four from the over, with both Dilshan and Sangakkara working the ball into the gaps without too much trouble.


Sri Lanka 114-1 (Dilshan 60, Sangakkara 34) 27ov

It's really just a matter of when Sri Lanka start cranking this up now - not if. You'd imagine they'd be looking for somewhere between 250 and 300 given the strength of the platform they've established.

For the time being though, they're happy just to keep plucking singles off Tredwell.




Sri Lanka 111-1 (Dilshan 58, Sangakkara 33) 26ov

Having got to his half-century, Dilshan has decided its finally time to treat the Chester-le-Street crowd to a few tricks. Facing Bopara, he ramps the ball over his shoulder for four in what has become his trademark shot.

England's efforts haven't been helped by a succession of sloppy misfields, which have probablt added six or seven runs to the Sri Lankan total already.


Sri Lanka 104-1 (Dilshan 52, Sangakkara 32) 25ov

And there is Dilshan's half-century, with the Sri Lankan nudging the ball into the off side. It's come off 63 balls, and contained just the four fours, which underlines how controlled it has been.

Dilshan now boasts 35 ODI half-centuries, and you wouldn't bet against him converting this into three figures the way he is going.


Sri Lanka 97-1 (Dilshan 49, Sangakkara 28) 24ov

Dilshan picks up a couple of singles to move to within one run of his 50. It's been a pretty polished effort so far, and there's plenty of time left for him to explode into life.


Sri Lanka 94-1 (Dilshan 47, Sangakkara 27) 23ov

Sangakkara steps forward to chip a lovely boundary straight back over Tredwell's head. There haven't been many boundaries in this innings, but the ones Sri Lanka have scored have been pretty effortless.


Sri Lanka (Dilshan 41, Sangakkara 22) 22ov

A slight scare for Sangakkara as he chipped the ball behind square, with Carberry almost snaffling a diving catch. Sri Lanka's leading light has moved on to 22 now though, and is looking in ominously good nick.


Sri Lanka 79-1 (Dilshan 40, Sangakkara 19) 21ov

Just the one off Tredwell's latest over, with the spinner sticking to a very tight line to resrict the scoring opportunities for Sri Lanka's batsmen. There's not much turn out there, but Tredwell isn't giving much away.


Sri Lanka 78-1 (Dilshan 40, Sangakkara 18) 20ov

Sangakkara is a great batsmen to watch when he's in full flow, and while he's not quite been at top form, today, he's not far off.

He produced a lovely square cut from Bopara that raced away for three runs, with the shot appearing effortless despite the power that was generated.


Sri Lanka 72-1 (Dilshan 38, Sangakkara 14) 19ov

Tredwell continues, and Sri Lanka take four singles off the over. The spinner isn't giving a lot away, but it looks fairly easy to take runs off him.


Sri Lanka 68-1 (Dilshan 36, Sangakkara 12) 18ov

Bopara straight back into things, replacing Jordan at the Finchale End.

Just the two off the over, although neither Sri Lankan batsman being troubled by England's medium-pace options.




Here's Anderson celebrating Thirimanne's wicket earlier this morning, with the opener edging to Tredwell at second slip:

The Northern Echo:


Sri Lanka 66-1 (Dilshan 34, Sangakkara 12) 17ov

Another bowling change as England turn to spin, with Tredwell replacing Bopara at the Lumley End.

He got a little bit of drift in his first over, and almost got Sangakkara to nibble at one that moved away. Then from the next ball, Sangakkara pushed an edged wide of Root at slip.


Sri Lanka 62-1 (Dilshan 33, Sangakkara 9) 16ov

England should really have had Sangakkara out there. The Sri Lankan was sent back as he attempted to sprint through for a single, and was way out of his ground when Carberry took a free shot from around 20 yards. Unfortunately, he missed by a fair old distance.

Can't help wonder whether England will pay for that miss in the next hour or so.

Meanwhile, Dilshan is starting to crank up, contemptuously pulling Jordan to the rope for four.


Sri Lanka 56-1 (Dilshan 28, Sangakkara 8) 15ov

Sri Lanka continuing to tick along at around three-and-a-half an over. That's a decent enough platform at this stage, especially when you consider they've got nine wickets in hand.


Sri Lanka 53-1 (Dilshan 25, Sangakkara 8) 14ov

Sangakkara produces the shot of the morning so far with a flowing cover drive that flashes to the boundary. England, and Jordan in particular, won't want to see too many more of them.



Sri Lanka 49-1 (Dilshan 25, Sangakkara 4) 13ov

Bopara replaces Anderson, whose opening spell was 1-14 from six overs.

He immediately strays slightly onto the leg-side, and is nudged round the corner by Dilshan for four leg-byes.


Sri Lanka 41-1 (Dilshan 23, Sangakkara 2) 12ov

Sri Lanka survive a scare as Anderson almost runs out Dilshan.

The Sri Lankan batsman scampered through for a single, but would have been out had Anderson hit the stumps after he slid in from mid-on.


Sri Lanka 37-1 (Dilshan 21, Sangakkara 1) 11ov

Anderson continuing from the Lumley End, and continuing to keep Sri Lanka's openers on a fairly tight rein.

He's bowled six overs now, so it'll be interesting to see how long he keeps going.


Sri Lanka 34-1 (Dilshan 19, Sangakkara 0) 10ov

Jordan replaces Gurney at the Finchale End, and starts with a solid enough over. Will be interesting to see how Sangakkara fares given that he struggled in his two innings at Durham Emirates ICG for Durham against Yorkshire.


WICKET: Thirimanne c.Tredwell b.Anderson 10 9ov

Sri Lanka 33-1 (Dilshan 18, Sangakkara 0)

England make the breakthrough in the ninth over. Anderson gets one to move away from Thirimanne, and the opener edges to Tredwell at second slip.

The wicket brings Sangakkara to the field, and he receives a decent cheer following his brief spell with Durham.


Sri Lanka 33-0 (Thirimanne 10, Dilshan 18) 8ov

It's taken a while, but Thirimanne has finally had enough to crawling along.

Gurney dropped slightly too short, and the Sri Lankan opener hoisted him high over the on side for six. He loosened his arms, and the ball sailed right to the edge of the grandstand. 


Sri Lanka 24-0 (Thirimanne 3, Dilshan 17) 7ov

Anderson lacking his usual fireworks this morning, and Sri Lanka's openers surviving without too many scares.

Dilshan hasn't really exploded into life too much yet, but he's starting to move the ball around nicely on the off side. 


Sri Lanka 19-0 (Thirimanne 2, Dilshan 13) 6ov

Tighter from Gurney, although given the overhead cloud conditions, neither he nor Anderson has been able to extract much movement.

Sri Lanka progressing slowly, but will be happy have all their wickets still intact.



Sri Lanka 17-0 (Thirimanne 1, Dilshan 12) 5ov

Another good over from Anderson, the pick of which was a delivery that nipped back sharply to tuck up Dilshan in front of his stumps.


Sri Lanka 14-0 (Thirimanne 0, Dilshan 11) 4ov

Dilshan finally bursts into life with two boundaries in the space of three balls. Both were front-front drives straight down the ground to get the scoreboard ticking.

However, Gurney's over also featured two extravagant wafts from Dilshan that saw the ball beat the bat, but pass through to Buttler without causing a problem.


Sri Lanka 5-0 (Thirimanne 0, Dilshan 2) 3ov

Nice and tight from Anderson, who has hit his straps from the off.

There was a slight run out chance for Bell as Dilshan scampered through for a single, but his shy at the stumps failed to find the target.


Sri Lanka 4-0 (Thirimanne 0, Dilshan 1) 2ov

A decent first over from Harry Gurney, who has a great chance to make his mark in this series ahead of a long summer of cricket.

He beat the bat against Thirimanne with a cracker, that just left off a length.


Sri Lanka 2-0 (Thirimanne 0, Dilshan 0)

A sedate start from Jimmy Anderson, who throws down two wides during a fairly gentle opening over. Nothing off the bat for Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka have made two changes to their team, with Dhammika Prasad and Ashan Priyanjan coming in for Suranga Lakmal and Thisara Perera.

England: Michael Carberry, Ian Bell, Gary Ballance, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (captain), Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler, Chris Jordan, James Tredwell, James Anderson, Harry Gurney.

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Angelo Mathews (captain), Ashan Priyanjan, Nuwan Kulasekara, Sachithra Senanayake, Dhammika Prasad, Lasith Malinga.


England have won the toss, and elected to bowl. No real surprise given the cloudy conditions.

Alastair Cook won't be involved, as he failed a fitness test on his injured groin this morning.

The England team is as follows:

Carberry, Bell, Ballance, Root, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Jordan, Tredwell, Anderson, Gurney.


Welcome to Durham Emirates ICG for the Second One-Day International between England and Sri Lanka.

We've got a mixture of sunshine and dark clouds, but it's dry - and play is due to start in around ten minutes time.


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