RYAN Noble is to return to Sunderland after two months on loan at Hartlepool United, but Pools are keen to keep Charlie Wyke from Middlesbrough.

The latter made his first start at the weekend and made an impression on Pools' boss John Hughes.

With Luke James returning from injury, Hughes won't be extending Noble's loan further.

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"Charlie is someone I'm determined to keep at the club,'' said Hughes. "He trains properly, he's a focal point and we asked him to do a job in dropping into midfield at times to get around their playmaker.

"I spoke to Kevin Ball about Ryan and we are thankful to Sunderland for the relationship we have got with them.

"But he will go back, I feel Charlie is similar to Stevie Howard and we have Luke James back who is similar to Ryan, if not as good a goalscorer as him.''

Hughes added: "We need to give our homegrown kids a chance.

"Jack Baldwin was brilliant, he inspires me as a coach that one so young can play the game like he does. He will make mistakes, but plays so cool and calm. He can pass. I want to work with him and make him a better player.

"His attitude to work and listen and do everything right is very pleasing for me.

"Don't forget the last time he played in the first team he gave away a penalty and he came back in, put that to the back of his mind and performed so well.

"It was a close call between him and Ritchie for man of the match.''

Baldwin started after skipper Peter Hartley was forced out with conjunctivitis and the teenager said: "We started well and then still went behind. You feel deflated, but can't allow it to get to you because one becomes two and then three.

"Put it to the back of your mind and get on with it.

"We played good football and the chances followed. Their keeper made good saves and we kept grinding away waiting for them to open up.''