DARLINGTON 1883 officials confirmed today that all staff, players and directors had agreed to abide by a new code of conduct when using social media.

The announcement comes after two Darlington players were reported to the Durham County FA for their conduct following Saturday's controversial game against West Auckland.

Gary Brown and Stephen Thompson are facing the possibility of a suspension if allegations regarding the duo are proven. Thompson is facing claims that he made an offensive comment on Twitter after Saturday's fixture. It is unclear what offence Brown is alleged to have committed.

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The development came after West's Paul Garthwaite was reported to the local football authority for comments he is accused of making on Twitter.

Quakers chairman said today: “We are very proud of the family and community status of Darlington Football Club and we must ensure that this kind of behaviour is eradicated from our matches and any social media connected with the club.

“Our current strategy specifically states that we aim to promote the club 'as a successful and family friendly club, on and off the pitch, growing the existing fan base and enhancing the match day experience for all spectators' and we are therefore firmly committed to ensuring that unacceptable behaviour is simply not tolerated by the club and its loyal fans.”

He added: “The senseless actions of only a few people may damage every football fan’s match day experience, regardless of team loyalty.

“We endorse the Football Association and Northern League’s stance in taking serious action against clubs and individuals who do not adhere to the Respect and Use Your Head Campaigns - both of which are in place to stamp out this sort of unacceptable behaviour.”

The new code of conduct reads: “The football club’s staff and directors are aware of the public facing nature of social media and will not conduct business via or make football related comments that use foul or abusive language directly, or by insinuation, or that can be construed as being offensive in any way, racist, political, inflammatory or intimidating.”