EACH week we profile a member of the Northern Echo's popular Camera Club. This week it's the turn of Gary Richardson, from Darlington

The Northern Echo:

Who or what inspired you?

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I WANTED to share the amazing countryside we are lucky enough to have with people who aren’t fortunate enough to get out and see it.

Your first camera?

MY first digital one was a Fuji MX-1700, bought in 1999, which was only 1.5 MP, tiny in today’s comparisons, but back then it was state of the art.

What do you most enjoy photographing?

WATER. There’s something about sitting beside a stream or waterfall watching the water flowing by and trying to capture the essence of that in a photo.

The Northern Echo: LANDSCAPE: A stunning landscape photograph

Favourite picture?

IF I was pushed it has to be the Black Cuillins shot. I’ve visited the Isle of Skye and walked along the Allt Dearg dozens of times. I knew that in the right conditions the jagged peaks of the Cuillin would make a stunning backdrop for one of the many waterfalls you find along the river. Had tried and tried to get the shot, but never got the right conditions until I was there in February.

Your go-to kit at the moment?

THE Canon M3, mirrorless compact fitted with the Canon EF-M 18-150mm lens.

Advice for budding photographers?

THEY should review every shot they take on the screen. With the instant playback you get using digital there’s no reason why you can’t get a good shot. If it doesn’t look good zoomed in it aint going to look any better on the big screen back home.

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