THERE is an episode of television detective series The Professionals from 1978 where George Cowley (played by the much-missed Gordon Jackson) says the following: “Resign. But we live in a world without much honour, where politicians hang on to office like dirty glue, so I don’t suppose you will - blame is for others.”

The episode is titled “Not a Very Civil Civil Servant” and is about corrupt politicians.

Judging by the lies, incompetence and sleaze of Conservative MP’s Priti Patel, Boris Johnson and Damian Green (amongst many) this episode could have been written today.

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Theresa May is the weakest, most useless and incompetent Prime Minister this country has ever had.

I never liked Mrs Thatcher. She destroyed more British industry than the German Luftwaffe and condemned entire communities to poverty but she would have sharply dispatched the lying backstabbers currently undermining our present leader.

Get a grip Mrs May and wield the axe.

J. Moffatt, Chilton