AFTER the Labour Party conference it would appear that Jeremy Corbyn is universally adulated by the whole population.

Can I try and deflate some of this false populism surrounding him?

In my opinion this has been a very clever presentation of a person who is completely different to that which is perceived and believed.

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I believe that the enemies of this country would be rubbing their hands in anticipation of his being elected.

He is a person who won’t sing the national anthem, an apologist for terrorists and a hard left activist.

He is a fanatic to his politics. If he formed a government it would be at the beck and call of Len McClusky and Tosh McDonald, ultra-left leader of ASLEF.

We would be back to the Seventies with the unions running the country and being on strike.

He has promised to borrow £250 billion to pay for his pledges. Where is he going to get that from? We are still £2 trillion in debt.

He would have Diane Abbott, who was even more inept than Theresa May in the election campaign, in Government.

Mr Corbyn has a strong youth movement which I believe has been subliminally influenced by the many left wing teachers and lecturers we have in education now.

Many students don’t admit being Conservative supporters in university because of intimidation.

Then there is Momentum, started by amongst others, Mr Corbyn, to make sure that his left wing policies are implemented.

Their aim is to deselect moderate MPs who do not toe the line.

Social media is also used to intimidate and threaten.

Laura Kuenssberg, the political editor of BBC News is an example.

T. Ball, Barnard Castle