OUR EU debate needs to move forward from its fixation solely on the terms of Brexit.

No one on the “Remain” side is campaigning for the EU to function as it currently does. And this is true across all countries.

The current global economic model has failed. It has indeed served the few, not the many.

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We need to return to a position where economic and fiscal policy is recognised as a means by which we secure a society beneficial for all.

Here lies the big political argument – how to achieve it.

The EU recognises this and is now debating what kind of European society is wanted. Since Article 50 was triggered we are no longer part of any discussion or decision making.

Brexit damages these discussions because the EU recognises the UK could make a constructive contribution if it was only participating with the right to vote or to veto.

No version of Brexit will allow us to have a say, a vote, or the right of veto on the needed reforms to secure a progressive and fairer economic policy across our continent. What the EU decides will impact on us all be we in or out.

Europe wants us back at the table. International business wants us in the EU.

We have a better chance of securing an inclusive, fairer and progressive society in the UK by leading on achieving it for all Europeans.

British Remainers are progressive reformers. We campaign for change at home and abroad.

Ian Jones, Middlesbrough