THE sooner Labour Party members have the chance to deselect MPs like deputy leader Tom Watson and Sedgefield’s Phil Wilson the better.

The party membership has overwhelmingly twice supported Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and if the MPs cannot, at least in public, show him loyalty, they should find another avenue to pursue their political talents.

During the election, Mr Wilson cravenly sent around a personal note to his constituents disowning the leader and Mr Watson continues to undermine Mr Corbyn at every opportunity.

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On the Andrew Marr TV show, Mr Corbyn refused to rule out the possibility that union and party members might break the law in pursuit of righting a perceived injustice and yet the very next day, Mr Watson said that breaking the law is not an option.

But of course, breaking the law is the duty of citizens if that law is patently a bad and unreasonable law. Without such action there would still be racial segregation in the US, apartheid in South Africa and we would be saddled with the Poll Tax.

Even Mr Bumble recognised that in Oliver Twist when he stated that “the law is an ass, an idiot”.

VJ Connor, Bishop Auckland