January 2: Devoted dad Lindz Mason raises money for an operation for his son by dressing as an elf every day.

The Northern Echo:

Echo: Your very good elf
BBC: With a little elf from my friends 

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January 3: Villagers in Spain maintain tradition by going into battle with flour and eggs.

Echo: Battered into submission
BBC: Flour to the people

January 4: Secret the sheepdog goes sledging in America.

Echo: Freeze a collie good fellow
BBC: Every dog has its sleigh

January 5: Scottish footballer Stelios Demitriou is hit by a bar of chocolate – so he eats it.

Echo: Oh, he’s bit the bar
BBC: I am the linesman with a Bounty

January 8: Peg the duck gets a prosthetic leg after her foot was nibbled off by a turtle

Echo: Walking quack to happiness
BBC: Walk this drake

January 9: Golf nut proposes to girlfriend on course in Alabama

Echo: My fairway lady
BBC: The Brider Cup 

January 10: Woman places newspaper advert to try to woo a “sexy conductor” on her train

Echo: Ticketywoo 
BBC: Woo the locomotion

The Northern Echo:

January 11: Appeal to find a cat with a distinctive “moustache” a new home in Queensland.

Echo: Furr-cule purr-ot
BBC: The best a miaow can get 

January 12: Knitted literary figures descend on RSPB Saltholme for the Yarn Bomb Story Weekend.

Echo: Wooly Wonka
BBC: Ripping Yarns

January 15: Man in Minnesota proposes to girlfriend by carving a giant “Marry Me” in the snow.

Echo: Ain’t snowbody, loves me better
BBC: Slushy 

January 16: Woman in Northern Ireland marries the ghost of a pirate.

Echo: Dead over heels in love 
BBC: Dead-ringer for love 

January 17: Newly-weds in Carrickfergus embark on a marathon straight after exchanging vows.

Echo: Runnymoon 
BBC: Marry-thon 

January 18: Thieves steal quad bike but are foiled by Durham cops who follow tracks in the snow.

Echo: Snow-where to hide 
BBC: The Flying Quad 

January 19: Man in Glasgow sells buckets of snow for £1.

Echo: Slush fund
BBC:  There's snow business like snow business

January 22: Mally Barnes, of Cockfield, reinvents himself as The Chimney Sweep Poet.

Echo: Read ‘em and sweep 
BBC: I’m gonna brush that soot right out of your flue 

The Northern Echo:

January 23: London mum builds a business with cakes that are replicas of family pets.

Echo: The Great British Bark-off 
BBC: One meringue and his dog 

January 24: Jack Reynolds still loves abseiling at the age of 105 and says his intrepid lifestyle is due to a daily glass of whisky.

Echo: Whisky business 
BBC: One for the rope

January 25: The annual cheese-rolling event in Stilton, Cambridgeshire, is cancelled due to lack of interest.

Echo: Couldn’t give Edam
BBC: Can’t brie bothered

January 26: A newspaper in Texas publishes an obituary to a pet chicken.

Echo: Gone but not forgot-hen
BBC: Laid to rest

January 29: Newly-weds have photos taken in front of volcano.
Echo: Falling in lava ‘gain
BBC: Magma, he’s making eyes at me

January 30: Women tour New Zealand busking dressed as rabbits
Echo: You know I’ll beg, steal or burrow
BBC: Buskers hoppyday

January 31: Cow is filmed sliding uncontrollably down icy road in China
Echo: Ice little moooover
BBC: Torveal and Dean

February 1: Man in New Hampshire turns hobby into global business by making hand-crafted boomerangs
Echo: Many happy returns
BBC: Boom-time

February 2: Norwegian flight with 84 plumbers on board lands early because toilets don’t work.
Echo: Up, up and a wee
BBC: Incontinent-al flight

February 5: A pig rescued from a slaughter-house in Cape Town becomes an acclaimed artist.

Echo: Porktrait artist
BBC: Piggy Banksy

February 6: Woman in Scotland spots a toothpaste stain in the form of David Bowie in her bathroom

Echo: A lad in stain
BBC: Colgate young dudes

February 7: Woman in New Zealand has world’s largest collection of ear-rings

Echo: Ear, there and everywhere
BBC: I’m looking for an ear-hole

February 8:  Armed police in Scotland respond to sightings of a tiger at a farm, but discover a stuffed toy.

Echo: Mistaken Identikitty
BBC: The lie of the tiger

February 9: Thomas the goose dies and is buried to his lifetime love, Henry the black swan.

Echo: Nest in peace
BBC: When two becomes swan

February 12: Scientists in Bolivia appeal for a Juliet for Romeo, the last male frog of his species.

Echo: Hop in the name of love
BBC: I was spawn to love you

February 13: Chefs in Birmingham attempt to break the world record for the largest portion of fish and chips.

Echo: Things can only get batter
BBC: Bigger fish to fry

February 14: Woman on the run from police tries to hide by putting a washing basket on her head.

Echo: The long arm of the laundry
BBC: Your under a vest

February 15: Teddy-bear thieves are thwarted in Arizona when a red traffic light blocks their escape.

Echo: Caught ted-handed
BBC: Bungled

February 16: Man arrested in New Zealand for drink driving a motorised fridge down the motorway.

Echo: Freezy rider
BBC: A fridge too far

February 19: Magician Ian Wragg, from County Durham, retires from kids’ shows due to allergy to rabbits.

Echo: The buck stops here
BBC: It’s not bunny how we don’t work anymore

February 20: Woman on flight to Moscow dries her knickers on the overhead air vent.

Echo: Come dry with me
BBC: Dryin’ pair

February 21: Theives in Adelaide steal a skeleton and escape on a bus.

Echo: Skullduggery
BBC: Boney and Clyde

February 22: Library in America is shut down due to infestation of bed bugs.

Echo: The Scratcher In The Rye
BBC: Of mites and men  

February 23: Broken teapot bought for £15 sells for £575,000.

Echo: Rich tea
BBC: From crackpot to jackpot