WE will all be judged by posterity, for the way the world is today.

And perhaps some will raise their eyebrows at The George public house in Stockton for the current situation.

This establishment is famed for its publicity-stunts, from chocolate parmos to the world’s biggest burger, but its latest escapade really takes the biscuit.

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Anyone weighing in at over 25 stone – a weight classed as morbidly obese – is entitled to a free meal, says landlord Craig Harker.

All a bit of fun? Not if you’re struggling to feed your family, and you’re queuing for the foodbank - which is just metres away.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 21st century. The most advanced civilisation humanity has ever known. But half the world is obese, and half the world is starving.

The food waste from the kind of food challenges offered by The George is phenomenal.

And the juxtaposition could not be more tragic. While the likes of The George is dumping waste food from its latest man vs food challenge in the bins out the back, its neighbouring food bank is begging and borrowing whatever scraps will fall from (often not wealthy) families’ shopping trolleys.

And somewhere, on the other side of the world, children are dying of malnutrition and starvation after the cash crops their farmer parents grew, to keep prices down in our supermarkets, failed.

Next time I worry about my shopping budget, search for the bargains in Aldi, or I’m trying out the latest weight loss craze, I will remember those people, and those who didn’t tick the one of the boxes properly on the Universal Credit form, or were late for their Jobcentre appointment because their nana collapsed in Asda, and have had their benefits stopped for 13 weeks.

Those people who, due to circumstance, find themselves in the foodbank for the first time, taking a parcel of a packet of pasta and a tin of corned beef, and wondering what to cook for their children that night.

Because that could be any one of us. Nobody is immune. A bad investment and a loss of job, an escalating drink problem or a breakdown or break-up, and anyone could find themselves in that queue, watching people going into The George, hearing the cheers when the scales are tipped at 25 stone and can eat a massive free pub meal.

And worse, overeating is an issue. If you get to 25 stone, you’ve got a serious addiction to food. Would we be offering free bets to gamblers who had lost over £500 in the slot machines that month?

Or perhaps we should breathalyse alcoholics every day for a week. If they’re consistently three times over the drink drive limit, what should we do? Give them free vodka?

The George’s world’s biggest burger was a good photo opportunity. And my colleague went to try out the 3,000 calorie chocolate parmo which was on offer a couple of years ago. Chicken, cheese, chips, and your choice of melted chocolate on the top. Disgusting, he said, but a novel idea - and it put Teesside’s speciality dish on the national radar.

This challenge? Misjudged. I would suggest the landlord buys some non-perishable food, quick, and donates it to his neighbours.