January 3: A retired Texas plumber opens an art gallery where all the paintings are on toilet seats.

Echo: The Loo-vre
BBC: The Cistern Chapel

January 4: The Cockapoo owners club produce a nude calendar to improve public perception of the breed.

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Echo: Pedigree bum
BBC: Dogs of phwoar 

January 5: Hawes Parish Council hits out at grumpy bookshop owner being rude to customers.

Echo: David Stroppyfield
BBC: Withering Sleights 

January 6: New scientific research shows that cockerels are cleverer than previously thought when it comes to getting sex.

Echo: I should be so clucky, clucky, clucky
BBC:  The Cluck of love 

January 9: A couple in New Zealand have a Star Wars wedding, with the bride walked down the aisle by a Storm Trooper.

Echo: Til Darth us do part
BBC: Jedi do 

January 10: Man arrested in Texas for possession of drugs – but it turns out to be cat litter.

Echo: Mistaken identikitty
BBC: Brea-kitten bad

January 11: Groom and friends dress up as fast food menu items for wedding in China.

Echo: I only have fries for you
BBC: Fries and groom 

January 12: Woman in North Carolina crashes car into swimming pool
Echo: Dip your lights
BBC: Car-plunk! 

January 13: Cows at Acorn Dairy, Darlington, given cider vinegar to boost immune systems.

Echo: Al-cow-holics anony-moos
BBC:  Cider with Daisy

January 16: Bert the tortoise gets arthritis from too much sex so has set of back wheels fitted.

Echo: Wheel mate again
BBC: Sexual wheeling 

January 17: The world’s first tour bus for dogs is launched in London.

Echo: Any more furs?
BBC: Rover’s Return 

January 18: Man arrested after farm slurry is sprayed on the steps of Derby Crown Court

Echo: Caught spread-handed
BBC: Pardon me boy, is that the chap who threw the poo poo? 

January 19: Irish farmer proposes to girlfriend by painting “Marry me?” on the side of a cow.

Echo: You’re the first, my last, my heifer-y-thing
BBC: Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer moo

January 20: London company offers cleaners £45 an hour – as long as they work naked

Echo: Streaky clean
BBC: Crack on with the cleaning

January 23: Mum sleeps through birth at hospital in Derby.

Echo: One yawn every minute
BBC: When a child is yawn 

January 24: Students in California bid to brew beer on the moon

Echo: Once in a brew moon
BBC: Ground control to Demijohn

January 25: Mum of two in Australia bids to break world record for the longest legs.

Echo: The thigh’s the limit
BBC: Mammy long legs 

January 26: Man proposes to girlfriend by waterfall in Maryland – but drops the ring into the river.

Echo: Plopping the question
BBC: Falling in love

January 27: Ruth Benjamin celebrates 109th birthday in Illinois and says bacon is the key to a long life.

Echo: Live and let fry
BBC: I ham what I ham

January 30: Research at Glasgow University shows that dogs’ favourite music is reggae.

Echo: Rasta furry ‘uns
BBC: Woofalo soldier 

January 31: Woman, 75, survives after a tornado sends her flying in a bathtub.

Echo: Lucky dip
BBC: I’m gonna wash that nan right out of the air

February 1: Sewage plant near Seattle becomes wedding venue.

Echo: For richer for poo-rer
BBC:  Man and whiff 

February 2: A farm in an underground air raid shelter in London supplies veg to a supermarket

Echo: War and pease
BBC: Bomb appetite 

February 3: Sussex school plans to open an hour later because kids struggle to get up early.

Echo: Further beducation
BBC: GCS-zzzzzzzzs 

February 6: Russian woman launches as business as the world’s professional bed-warmer

Echo: Making the most of a bed job
BBC: Ladiator 

February 7: A mass brawl breaks out at a McDonald’s in Stockport, with people throwing buns at each other.

Echo: McThuggets
BBC: Fillet oafish 

February 8: Profits from tea and coffee at a café in Australia fund a film.

Echo: One brew over the cuckoo’s nest
BBC:  Move over Darjeeling 

February 9: Lungfish called Granddad – the oldest aquarium fish in the world – dies in Chicago.

Echo: Tanks for the memories
BBC: Rest in Pisces 

February 10: Vet saves snake that swallowed a tennis ball.

Echo: You cannot be ssssssssserious
BBC:  Anaconda Cova 

February 13: Dublin Fire Brigade issue handcuffs warning as new Fifty Shades film comes out.

Echo: Unlocky in love 
BBC:  No-key (Nookie) 

February 14: Pizza companies prepare for their biggest day as Valentine’s lovers plan proposals over takeaways.

Echo: I pepperoni wanna be with you
BBC: Topping the question

February 15: Pigeon takes a free ride on the London Underground.

Echo: Is this the Peckadilly Line? 
BBC: Coo-coo train

February 16: Man steals van outside mortuary, brings it back when he finds a body inside, goes to jail.

Echo: Caught dead-handed
BBC: Corpse ride 

February 17: Four loose horses end up in a doctor’s surgery in Northern Ireland

Echo: Doctor, doctor, I need some neigh-sal spray
BBC: A spoonful of Shergar 

February 20: Sports reporter in Belarus eats his own paper after losing a bet over the fortunes of an ice hockey team.

Echo: Feed all about it
BBC: He’s written off more than he can chew 

February 21: Couple in Aldershot have chicken-themed wedding with pet hens acting as ring-bearers.

Echo:  The Cluck of Love
BBC: On the wings of love

February 22:  Stuntman in Pakistan lifts house-bricks tied to his eye-lids.

Echo: Eyely strung
BBC: Mortar him than meets the eye

February 23: Police in Bavaria follow trail of manure to catch hit and run horse and cart.

Echo: Who-dung-it
BBC: It’s a fair clop 

February 24: Murphy the horse learns to play the piano in Australia

Echo: Clopsticks
BBC: Rachmanin-hoof  

February 27: Couple getting married at an aquarium in Connecticut are photo-bombed by a beluga whale.

Echo: I whale always love you
BBC: You’re the first, my last, my every-fin

February 28: Cathay Pacific produces world’s first beer brewed to taste best at 35,000 feet

Echo: Brew sky thinking 
BBC: Sky-eyed 

March 1: Kent police stop a driver on the M20 with a parrot perched on his steering wheel.

Echo: Breaking the flyway code 
BBC: Baby you can drive macaw 

March 2: Schoolchildren in Scotland give their pet goldfish a Viking funeral on burning longboats.

Echo: Fish and ships 
BBC: Fish and chip Thor-sday 

March 3: A survey on World Book Day shows that Yorkshire is the most visited county for holidays with a literary link.

Echo: Much Ado About Nowt
BBC: A reet good yarn about two cities

March 6: Headphones are invented for horses so they can listen to music.

Echo: Rockin’ Dobbin
BBC: Canter buy me love 

March 7: Man plans romantic proposal in a private plane over California but throws up at the crucial moment.

Echo: Everything I spew, I spew it for you
BBC: Retch out – I’ll be there 

March 8: A man robs a petrol station in New Zealand while wearing a shark costume.

Echo: Oi, that’s not jaws
BBC: Police fin-terceptors 

March 9: Diners get the chance to eat posh meals from a table suspended from a crane.

Echo: Grub’s up
BBC: Height cuisine

March 10: A tub of ice cream leads to the arrest of a burglar in South Carolina.

Echo: Creamstoppers
BBC: You’re licked 

March 13: New Zealand farmer aims to break the world record by milking 4,000 cows in 12 hours.

Echo: He who dairies wins
BBC: Gotta Lotta Bottle

The Northern Echo:

March 14: Bank, the turtle, eats £20 worth of coins in Thailand and needs surgery

Echo: That comes to a grand turtle of £20
BBC: Shelling out

March 15: Hundreds turn out for an underground rave in a Newcastle sewer.

Echo: Party poopers
BBC: Poo-gie nights 

March 16: Golf tournament on ice takes place in Sibera.

Echo: Those par freeze were tricky
BBC: Brrrrr-y McIlroy 

March 17: Robbie the confused rabbit tries to make love to a chicken.

Echo: Mistake-hen identity
BBC: No hen-ky panky 

March 20: University boffins train bees to play football.

Echo: You only sting when you’re winning
BBC: Honey old game

March 21: Britain’s longest-serving lollipop lady retires in Hull

Echo: Stop of the pops
BBC: Lolly-top lady

March 22: A “nap café” opens in Tokyo where you can have a snooze after your coffee

Echo: A Nap-uccino please
BBC: Café au lay down

March 23: Love-struck teenager jumps into crocodile-infested river in Australia to impress girl.

Echo: Love on the crocs
BBC: Croco-doil 

March 24: Library staff in Florida fiddle readership figures to get more council funding.

Echo: Fraud of the rings
BBC: Oliver Twister

March 27: Man proposes to girlfriend in an asteroid crater in Arizona.

Echo: Where did you meteor wife?
BBC: No crater love 

March 28: Man uses information board at railway station to propose to girlfriend.

Echo: Marrying above his station
BBC: Cos I love choo

March 29: The world’s biggest chicken emerges in Kosovo.

Echo: Henormous
BBC: You’re avian a laugh

March 30: A CD called “Songs To make Dogs” happy makes $150,000.

Echo: The tills are alive with the hound of music
BBC:  Bark For Good by Fetch That

March 31: Bronze ear from 1,800-year-old Roman statue unearthed in North Yorkshire and goes up for auction.

Echo:  Auction-ear
BBC: Hail! Seize Ear!

April 3: Man goes to hospital feeling ill in Saudi Arabia – surgeons remove lightbulb he swallowed as a child.

Echo: Ill-umin-ate
BBC: Watts up doc?

April 4: Lorry spilled 15 tons of vegetables onto the German autobahn.

Echo: Dual cabbageway
BBC: Marrow lanes ahead

April 5: Dog invades the pitch and holds up football match

Echo: They think it’s all Rover
BBC: You’ll never walkies alone

April 6: Man appears in court for stealing £100,000 worth of stuffed animals.

Echo: Stuff sentence
BBC: Haul of the wild 

April 7: A digger working on a wind farm off the Sussex coast gets stuck and swamped by the sea.

Echo: Blunder the sea
BBC: Sea you later excavator

April 10: A survey shows Britons are most likely to sing while mowing the lawn.

Echo: I fought the lawn and the lawn won
BBC:  The Green Green Grass of Moan

April 11: Man runs off from a lobster restaurant in Australia, dives into sea and is caught by cops on jetskis.

Echo: Jetski avin you
BBC: Claw and order

April 12: The world’s coolest race, the North Pole Marathon, takes place.

Echo: Polar Radcliffe
BBC: Brrrrendan Froster 

The Northern Echo:

April 13: Farmer takes bend too sharply in Germany and covers man and his daughter in slurry in their convertible.

Echo: Mirror, signal manure-vre
BBC: Muckslurry 

April 18: Easter Bunny parachutes into an egg hunt in Texas.

Echo: Hare-o-dynamic
BBC: Dive Bunny 

April 19: Hugo, the dog, gets stuck in the garden gate while chasing a cat and has to be freed by firefighters.

Echo: The Gate Escape 
BBC: Hugo’s sorry now? 

April 20: Couple have their wedding pictures taken on top of an active volcano.

Echo: Lava’s all around 
BBC: Holy magma-mony 

April 21: A treasure trove of ancient coins is found inside a family’s old piano in Shropshire.

Echo: Family for-tunes
BBC: Key change

April 24: A man runs the London Marathon with a tumble dryer on his back.

Echo: God loves a dryer
BBC: Let’s get ready to tumble 

April 25: A man in Vienna wins a court appeal against being fined for burping in public after eating a kebab.

Echo: No wind, no fee
BBC: No guilty, your doner 

April 26:  A lioness picks up a dropped video camera and films a wildlife movie.

Echo: Bites, camera, action!
BBC: Roar footage 

April 27: The Dogs Trust tries to find a home for a dog which bears an uncanny resemblance to Shakespeare.

Echo: Is this a wager I see before me?
BBC: Mutts ado about nothing 

April 28:  Mr Potato head wins the annual Mascot Gold Cup at Wetherby Races.

Echo: Chipped at the post
BBC:  Zola Spud

May 1: No Headline Challenge due to bank holiday.

May 2: More and more brides are choosing vegetables for their bouquets instead of traditional flowers, according to the British Florists Association.

Echo: Love and cabbage
BBC: I’m getting marrowed in the morning 

May 3: Woman in Australia accepts her boyfriend’s proposal – and is promptly bitten on the toe by a poisonous snake.

Echo: Mister and hisses
BBC: I wanna hiss the bride 

May 4:  Police officer manning the control room in Cleveland, Ohio, is sacked after being heard snoring on the other end of the phone.

Echo: Kips and robbers
BBC: The thin blue lie-in

May 5: A company offers the chance to have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record as a family keepsake after you die.

Echo: The Vinyl Countdown
BBC: Going out with stylus 

May 8: A couple trek through snow for three weeks to marry on Everest.

Echo: Happy Everest after
BBC: Summit about you 

May 9: Lucy the duck is a celebrity in Canada after returning to nest in a garden centre car park for the eighth year running.

Echo: Quack to the future
BBC: I’ll be quack 

May 10: Former stable goes up for sale in Stockport as a one-bedroomed cottage.

Echo: There’s neigh place like home
BBC: Room at the clop 

May 11: Portsmouth fan lives up to promise to swim naked in a fountain after his team wins promotion.

Echo: Football strip
BBC: The Winning Streak

May 12: Ripon Racecourse’s restaurant wins national award.

Echo: Putting a la carte before the horse
BBC: Fanny Paddock 

May 15: The Geordie Games take place on Tyneside.

Echo: Why aye jump
BBC: Ant and Decathlon 

May 16: Man in Sydney pops out for a McDonald’s takeaway – in his helicopter.

Echo: Big Mac and Flies
BBC: Top bun

May 17: Redcar Lifeboat is called out to a stricken dinghy only to discover it’s a buoy.

Echo: Mad about the buoy
BBC: Where the buoys are 

May 18: Groom accidentally slaps his new bride when he tries to swat a bee that’s landed on her nose.

Echo: With this sting, I bee wed
BBC: I swat you babe 

May 19: Man sues woman for cinema ticket in Texas after a disastrous date.

Echo: Saturday fight at the movies
BBC: Fights camera action

May 22: Man in Australia crashes car after choking on a sausage.

Echo: Crash, banger, wallop
BBC: Bangers and smash 

May 23: No Headline Challenge out of respect for the tragic events in Manchester.

May 24: The Queen has a winner at Redcar and her cardboard cut-out has an ice cream.

Echo: Queen E-lick-abeth II
BBC: God Save Our Great Ice Cream 

May 25: Police in Pittsburgh recruit a new “detective” – a cat called Watson to stop mice causing havoc.

Echo: Fur-cule Purr-ot
BBC: Purrlock Holmes 

May 26: Two brothers in Florida argue over the washing up and one is arrested after hitting the other over the head with a framed painting.

Echo: Oh brother where art…OW!
BBC:   You’ve been framed

May 30: A couple have their wedding pictures taken on a farm – without realising that a bull is making love to a cow in the background.

Echo: A bit of cow’s yer father
BBC: Fifty shades of hay 

May 31: Man proposes to woman in a hot air balloon in Canada – then it promptly crash lands into trees.

Echo: Drop – in the name of love
BBC: Will yew marry tree?

June 1: A man tries to woo a girl by turning up at her bedroom window with what he thinks are flowers – but it’s a lettuce.

Echo: Lettuce be lovers 
BBC: Salad Day Night’s Alright 

June 2: Roxxi, the depressed parrot, is back on song after being prescribed Prozac

Echo: Keeping her pecker up 
BBC: Squawking back to happiness 

June 5: Quattro, the bull, is brought in to “service” 30 heifers to save a rare breed of white cows.

Echo: Warren Beefy
BBC: I like the way you mooove 

June 6: A nun wows the internet with her footballing skills while playing keepy-uppy with a policeman in Ireland.

Echo: Praying a blinder 
BBC: On the wing and a prayer

June 7: A man is arrested in New York for drink driving while dressed as the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.

Echo: You’re under a rust 
BBC: Smirnoff to see the wizard 

June 8: Dad shows off on kids’ trampoline, bounces over garden fence, and smashes neighbour’s greenhouse.

Echo: Floored of the springs 
BBC: Vorsprung dad technik 

June 9: Man turns up at polling station in Devon – on a horse.

Echo: Theresa Neigh 
BBC: Stable government 

June 12: Visitors to Disneyland are pooped on by a flock of passing geese.

Echo: Mary Poopins
BBC: Smother goose 

June 13: Bulldog in America loves watching horror films and barking warnings to victims.

Echo: The Texas Chain Paw Massacre
BBC:  Fido The Thirteenth

June 14: Woman’s car in Hull is invaded by bees – husband says they were attracted by her Bee Gees CDs.

Echo: Stay in a hive, Stay in a hive
BBC: Hive talking 

June 15: Police in Halifax padlock the milk in the station fridge to stop pilfering.

Echo: Creamstoppers
BBC: No milk today 

June 16: Argentinian footballer admits stabbing an opponent with a needle during a cup match.

Echo: Prick as a parrot
BBC: Scratch of the day

June 19: Guardsman faints in the heat during Trooping of the Colour outside Buckingham Palace.

Echo: Baking ‘em Palace
BBC: It ain’t arf hot Ma’m

June 20: Six puppy recruits are unveiled by the Taiwanese police dog department – but they sleep through the photoshoot.

Echo: Yawn nicked
BBC: Let sleeping police dogs lie

June 21: A taxi driver in New Zealand turns his cab into a karaoke booth.

Echo: Fool if you think it’s Uber 
BBC: We’ll meter again 

June 22: Dave the goldfish gets a poignant funeral – but the moment is ruined when he’s gobbled up by a duck.

Echo: Quack from the dead
BBC: Don’t look quack in anger 

June 23: An Abba-themed restaurant is to open in London.

Echo: The dinner takes it all
BBC: Knowing me, eating stew 

June 26: Woman wins “Best Hat” contest at Redcar Races after breaking her toe and having to change her hat at the last minute to match her shoes.

Echo: Vic-TOE-ry
BBC: Tic-tac toe 

June 27: Best man spends two years writing to celebrities to ask for video messages for his friend’s wedding.

Echo: Simply The Best
BBC: Video makes the best man a star 

June 28: Florida student breaks world record for walking on his hands.

Echo: He’s got the whole world in his hands
BBC: You need hands 

June 29: A bull spreads panic at a cricket match in Cheshire.

Echo: Cow’s that!
BBC: Shake cattle and bowl

June 30: A man throws five live rats at his sleeping girlfriend and can’t understand why she’s dumped him.

Echo: End of the rodent
BBC: I would do anything for live – but I won’t do rat 

July 3:  The lightsabre used by Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill in Star Wars, sells at auction for $450,000.

Echo: Glowing, glowing, gone
BBC: Going under the Hamill

The Northern Echo:

July 4: Policeman under investigation for “stealing” colleague’s biscuits.

Echo: Custody creams
BBC: A case for D.I. Gestive

July 5: Mayor of town in Mexico marries a crocodile in an ancient ceremony

Echo: Love on the crocs
BBC: Croc with you.

July 6: Woman serenades puppy and it rewards her by weeing in her mouth

Echo: Widdler on the woof
BBC: Pupee Love

July 7: Hamster taken to the vet because he hasn’t been moving – found to have a fridge magnet in his cheek pouch.

Echo: A fridge too fur
BBC: Animal magnetism

July 10: 1,500 people to part in the annual “Undies Run” in Australia.

Echo: Quick as a flash
BBC: It’s a sprint not a mara-thong  

July 11: Man proposes to girlfriend after being arrested and put in handcuffs.

Echo: Caught wed-handed
BBC: Down on one felo-knee 

July 12: A new volcano begins to erupt on a football pitch during a match in Turkey.
Echo: They think it’s all lava
BBC: The crowd erupts 

July 13: A dog gatecrashes a classical music concert in Turkey
Echo: Muttzart
BBC:  Roll Rover Beethoven 

July 14: A bank worker gets stuck inside a cash-point machine.

Echo: Trapped for cash
BBC: BBC: The Money Trap

July 17: Artist creates portraits of tennis players out of food.

Echo: Scran Wawrinka
BBC: You cannot be cereals 

July 18: Film festival in Miami encourages movie-goers to bring their dogs.

Echo: The Empire Strikes Bark
BBC: The Hound of Music

July 19: Weardale Railway starts recruiting characters for The Polar Express.

Echo: No business like snow business
BBC: Job Santa Plus

July 20: Kew Gardens is to become an outdoor cinema for three days this summer.

Echo: Saving Privet Ryan
BBC: Back to the fuscia

July 21: Two “mooning” gnomes are removed from outside an OAP’s house in Cheshire because “they distract motorists”.

Echo: Rear view mirror
BBC: Council crackdown

June 24: Londoners call for ban on smelly food on the Underground.

Echo: Smellyphant and castle 
BBC: The Picalilli Line 

July 25: A bag which brought back moon dust from the first lunar landing sells for £1.8m.

Echo: I’m in the mooney 
BBC:  It’s a marvellous price for a moonbag 

July 26: Jordan Spieth puts his Open victory down to a wayward tee shot bouncing off a spectator’s bald head.

Echo: Heads you win 
BBC:  An un-fairway to win 

July 27: Woman goes berserk in Ukraine and attacks shop assistant with rotten fish.

Echo: Smackerel 
BBC: Fishticuffs 

July 28: Thief disguises himself as a ghost during house burglary in China.

Echo: Polter-heist 
BBC: Ghost Busted 

July 31: Helmsley town crier David Hinde wins international contest

Echo: Shout of this world 
BBC: You make me wanna shout

August 1: Woman glues dead fly to her eye after mistaking it for a false lash.

Echo: Mistaken flydentity 
BBC: Flylashes 

August 2: Woman in Cambodia marries cow because she thinks it’s her dead husband.

Echo: My first, my last, my heifer-y-thing 
BBC: Cow deep is your love 

August 3: Dog unlocks its own kennel.

Echo: Puppy-llon 
BBC: Mission Im-paw-sible 

August 4: Man teaches fish to play football

Echo: Finny old game
BBC: Finding Neymar

August 7: Man arrested for attacking a waiter with a salad in America

Echo: Lettuce be having you
BBC: I fought the ‘slaw and the ‘slaw won

August 8: German man swims to work every morning

Echo: Working nine to dive - waterway to make a living
BBC: The rush hour crawl

August 9: The world hen racing championships take place.

Echo: Us-hen Bolt
BBC: Winner, winner chicken dinner

August 10: Rabbits “surf” on the back of sheep to escape floods in New Zealand.

Echo: Watersheep drown
BBC:  Every bunny’s gone surfing – surfing you escape 

August 11: Church in Norwich takes over a rundown pub.

Echo: Ale Mary
BBC: Hair of the God

August 14: Easyjet releases an album of jet engine noise to help insomniacs.

Echo: Snoring at 30,000 feet
BBC: I’m sleeping on a jet plane 

August 15: Thirsk Races stages a Star War themed day.

Echo: May the horse be with you
BBC: Did Chewbacca winner?

August 16: Queen guitarist Brian May donates his old lawn mower to the British Lawnmower Museum

Echo: The Seven Seeds of Rye
BBC: The Mow Must Go On 

August 17: A scarecrow wedding takes place in Guisborough

Echo: Hay! Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world
BBC: For better for Worzel

August 18: Man stages underwater proposal to girlfriend who is obsessed with mermaids.

Echo: You mermaid for me
BBC: Drown on one knee

August 21: A lonely black swan in Bavaria gets a new mate after a lonely hearts ad.

Echo: You’re the swan that I want
BBC: Kiss me baby swan more time 

August 22: Big Ben falls silence for renovation work

Echo:  The Chimes They Are A Changin’
BBC: Peal meet again

August 23: Opera singer turned racehorse trainer sings classical songs to her horses to make them run faster.

Echo: Pavatrotti
BBC: I’ll have a tenor on that 

August 24: The Shed of the Year Awards features a back garden cinema in Stoke

Echo: Shedknobs and broomsticks)
BBC: The Return of the Shedi 

August 25: Woman in New York leaves $300 in her will to her cats

Echo: Fur richer, fur purr-er
BBC: Plenty in the kitty

August 29: A competitor is thrown out of a national Scrabble tournament in Orlando after being caught cheating by hiding blank tiles for future rounds.

Echo: Ex-spelled
BBC: Vowel play

August 30: Australian man celebrates his 30th birthday by sky-diving naked while playing the violin.

Echo: Bare on a G-string
BBC: Orchestral manoeuvres in the stark

August 31: The world’s first beer-filled swimming pool opens in Austria, with the promise that it’s good for the skin.

Echo: Drunken Goodbrew
BBC: Swimming drunks

September 1: Man wins $1,000 towards his wedding costs in a bet to sit naked on a beehive

Echo: Love bee tender
BBC: With this sting, I thee wed

Sept 4: Police in China use a free beer festival to trap 25 wanted criminals.

Echo: Crime gentlemen please
BBC: Let’s beer having you 

September 5: Chooky Wooky, the blind chicken, falls into the family swimming pool in Sydney and is brought back from the dead after three hours of CPR.

Echo: Happy hen-ding
BBC: I should be so clucky

September 6: A cat believed to have psychic powers is sold for $84,000 to a Siberian clairvoyant.

Echo: Su-puur-natural
BBC: Is there any moggy there? 

September 7: German man breaks his own world record by carrying 31 beer mugs.

Echo: A glass act
BBC: Stein after stein

September 8: Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat, outshines Larry, the Number 10 pussy, in the mouse-catching stakes.

Echo: New kit on the block
BBC: A tale of two kitties

September 11: UFO investigators probe objects seen above a nudist site in Wales.

Echo: Flash! Ah-ah, voyeurs of the nudie-verse  
BBC: Close encounters of the bared behind 

September 12: American woman gets in the Guiness Book of Records for the longest finger nails.

Echo: Well up to scratch 
BBC: Claw blimey 

September 13: Woman sacked from fish factory in Tasmania for taking a sickie to get over a hangover.

Echo: Booze sorry now 
BBC: Dismissed as a newt

September 14: Aussie bride walks up the aisle with a bouquet made of doughnuts.

Echo: Dough you take this man? 
BBC: Doughnut forsake me oh my darling

September 15: Google invest in touch-sensitive car seats so you can control your gadgets with a bum wiggle.

Echo: Top rear 
BBC: Backside driver

September 18: Teenager catches hypothermia after climbing Snowdon in just his Superman boxer shorts.

Echo: Undie the weather
BBC: Shiver deep, mountain high 

September 19: 11 nuns from Peruvian convent form a rock band.

Echo: Nuns and roses

September 20: Crab escapes from pot of boiling water and switches off the hot-plate.

Echo: Escape claws
BBC: Headline crabbber

September 21: Brian, the runaway sheep, is caught after five years and faces a date with the clippers.

Echo: Fleece release me
BBC: The strife of Brian 

September 22: Man gets tattoo of his topless girlfriend – just before they split up.

Echo: Breaking up is hard tattoo
BBC: What’s Love Got Tattoo With It

September 25: Yoko Ono sues drinks company for branding lemonade “John Lemon”.

Echo: Hey sued
BBC: Lemoner Rigby 

September 26: Scientific research shows keeping your socks on in bed is good for your love life.

Echo: You socksy thing
BBC: Love grows where my hosiery goes

September 27: The world record for the largest number of border collies is broken in Adelaide.

Echo: Ex-shep-tional
BBC: Bark Life 

September 28: Woman misses flight at US airport so makes a dance video.

Echo: Flight Fever
BBC: Funky check-in 

September 29: County Durham church stages concert to raise money for new sewer.

Echo: Singing In The Drain
BBC: Flushed with success 

October 2: Farmer becomes worldwide hit with his dancing sheep

Echo: Mutton On The Ritz 
BBC: Ewe make me feel like dancing

October 3: Man proposes by hanging ring round giraffe’s neck at zoo

Echo: Happily after girafter 
BBC: Giraffe and to hold 

October 4: Man hires crane to lift him in his van so he can serenade his ex-girlfriend

Echo: Singing in the crane 
BBC: Van will I see you a crane

October 5: Wallis, the Golden Retriever, finds a loving home despite having two noses.

Echo: Coming up smelling of noses
BBC: Nosey Barker 

October 6: Couple on the way to their wedding in China escape as fireworks explode in their car.

Echo: My heart goes boom bang a bang
BBC:  Bride and boom

October 9: Nathan Ford wins Oktoberfest fancy-dress at Redcar Races thanks to his false moustache.

The Northern Echo:

Echo: Tash, bang wallop
BBC: Tash – ah, ah, saviour of Oktoberfest

October 10: Friendly Jack Russell filmed scratching a horse’s back.

Echo: Bark-scratcher
BBC: Your scratch my Jack, I’ll scratch horse 

October 11: Butterwick Hospice appeals for volunteers for its Zombie Run.

Echo: Dead-end job (1)
BBC: The Working Dead (5)

October 12: Tea-loving man renames himself Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner.

Echo: New identi-tea (1)
BBC: Tea bah gum (6)

October 13: Amazon launch a water-proof Kindle so you can read books in the bath.

Echo: Lady Chatterley’s loofah 
BBC: Waterdrip drown

October 16: An exhibition for the chocolate industry features a chocolate record player.

Echo: It’s only choc and roll but I lick it 
BBC: A groovy Kinder love 

October 17: Jeremy, the rare snail with left-handed spirals, passes away.

Echo: Slime to say goodbye 
BBC: Le’scargot your own way 

October 18: Russian TV football commentator Vladimir Nikolsky quits mid-broadcast over refereeing decision.

Echo: I’ve Vlad enough 
BBC: Ra ra disputin’

October 19: Police investigate after Russian model takes revenge on boyfriend who dumped her by driving his Mercedes Benz into his swimming pool.

Echo: Pool if you think it’s over 
BBC: Only pools and forces 

October 20: Nudists in Sydney set a new world record for the most people playing crazy golf naked.

Echo: Strip-tees 
BBC:  Jack Nickerless

October 23: Mysterious white rabbit is filmed using public transport in London.

Echo: Fur dodger
BBC: Doe in Underground 

October 24: French President’s dog filmed taking a leak in the Elysee Palace.

Echo: Wee wee Monsieur
BBC: Ce’st la wee

October 25: Food writer brings out book where dishes are inspired by literature.

Echo: Flaming of the stew 
BBC: Lord of the Onion Rings 

October 26: American surgeon who sings between operations is internet sensation.

Echo: Twisting the knife away 
BBC: Like a surgeon 

October 27: World’s most expensive shoes, priced at $15.1m, go on display.

Echo: Lux-shoe-ry
BBC: Flush puppies

October 30: Man gets locked in beer cooler at Wisconsin store overnight, helps himself to a few cans and gets charged with theft.
Echo: Thirst case scenario
BBC: Caught Red Stripe-handed

October 31: Man proposes as plane appears to be crashing.
Echo: In descent proposal
BBC: From fear to eternity

November 1: Great British Bake-off judge Prue Leith tweets the result prematurely.
Echo: Pudding her foot in it
BBC: Having her cake and tweeting it 

November 2: Couple  marry as Dracula and The Corpse Bride.
Echo: Can you feel the love to bite?
BBC: Why do ghouls fall in love? 

November 3: The Pope admits he falls asleep while praying.
Echo: Act of Nod 
BBC: Snoozing my religion 

November 6: Rocky the sheepdog puppy herds a flock of sheep into his owner’s house.

Echo: Rocky Horror Show 
BBC: Stupid collie goes ballistic farmhouse is atrocious 

November 7: Man freed after being trapped under 11 tons of milk shakes

Echo: I want to shake free 
BBC: Shaking all over 

November 8: Man disguises himself as patient with respiratory problems before proposing to nurse girlfriend.

Echo: Wheezy lover
BBC: Every breath you fake

November 9: Six dinner ladies quit their jobs after winning the lottery.

Echo: Bangers and cash 
BBC: It could be stew 

November 10: Cyclist wins award for testing bacon sarnies while riding round the country.

Echo: Tour De Porkshire 
BBC: Sir Bradley Piggins

The Northern Echo:

November 13: Campaign launched to erect statue in memory of first cat in space

Echo: Meowter space
BBC: Ground control to Major Tomcat 

November 14: Greyhound stopped from winning race by low-flying duck

Echo: Some you wing, some you lose 
BBC: Quacky races 

November 15: Star Scrabble played banned for cheating.

Echo: Given the hard word 
BBC: Scrabble cheat sentenced 

November 16: Brothers with world’s largest collection of cuckoo clocks open museum.

Echo: Too much time on their hands
BBC: Love all the clocks 

November 17: Men in remote Indian village maintain ancient tradition by staging a battle in which cow pats are missiles.

Echo: Right old ding dung 
BBC: Dung poo fighting 

November 20: Buster, the dog who had his tail amputated because he injured it wagging it, finds a new home.

Echo: Furry-tail ending
BBC: Yappy days 

November 21: Man in Virginia wins the lottery after his wife dreamt the numbers.

Echo: Wake me up before the dough flows 
BBC: Winning slumbers

November 22: Indian breaks world record by stuffing 459 straws in his mouth.

Echo: Ex-straw-dinary
BBC: Great suck-sess 

November 23: Italian hairstylist covers her car in human hair to break world record.

Echo: Hair-bie rides again 
BBC: The Italian Bob 

November 24: Lily Welch, of Hetton, hits 100 and says the secret to a long life is a packet of pork scratchings every day.

Echo: Scratching a living 
BBC: A scratch made in Hetton